156772_502036763164562_41806058_n“The Mass of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation”

I guess the quote from Thoreau explains a lot about why I have decided to start writing here. I have always kept a journal, written poetry, and dreamed of writing my memoirs. Why haven’t I done it? I’m not even sure how to answer my own question. I guess not knowing where to start would be one reason, fear would be another. I mean, do I really have anything to write that anyone would find interesting reading? Anyway, I’ve decided to start here. What I’ll write about will come to me as I explore this “new to me” world of blogging, and hopefully it will be something that will touch people in a lasting way. Some of what I plan on writing will be true stories of my life, some will be just my view of things I see in this world every day. Not all of what I write will be pleasant to read about, but I’m hoping some of it will bring laughter too. Now is the time…time for me to let it all out, time to tell my truth, time to quit fearing what others may think, time to turn my quiet desperation into words.

“The Mass of Me…


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