My Rescue Babies…Too Cute!

These are my dogs. The one on the left is Cody, and the other is Casey. When their “Dad” is working in town, and it’s getting near his time to be home, they both go to the window, and start looking up and down the street waiting! I can almost picture Cody pulling out a little pocket watch, and telling Casey, “Come on, Daddy’s coming home soon”! I love how it looks like they are holding paws too. Don’t let all the cuteness fool you though, they act like typical children. They will actually tattle on one another! Cody came in barking at me the other night, just like “Lassie”, except when I went to check, there was no Timmy in the well, it was Casey with a package of crackers just munching away. The funniest part is, when she saw me she walked away innocently like, “I’m not doing anything”, and I know for a fact it wasn’t Casey who stole them off of the table in the first place, it was Cody!  He only told on her because she stole his crackers! They kill me. I’d be lost without them. Sometimes I wonder if I rescued them or if I was actually rescued by them!



2 comments on “My Rescue Babies…Too Cute!

    • I wish I could take them all! Some day when God blesses me with abundance I shall build a sanctuary..and empty the shelter near us! I want to help them all! Glad you are helping in spaying and important!


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