What am I Doing with this Blog?

Have any of you asked yourself this question? Did you all know from day one why you were blogging? I came here for more than one reason, many of which I may not even know yet. I did know that I wanted a place to “let it all out”.

I have wanted for years to write my memoirs, the tragedies, the struggling, the funny things, the happy times, and what lessons I have learned along the way. If I were to write my memoirs there would have to be some kind of planning, some kind of order to it all though, and that thought is just a turn off.  My life has not been orderly in  any way, shape or form, and it’s just so far from how I see myself. I’ve also loved seeing people’s blogs that focus on one subject, whether it’s photography, travel, novels, poetry, or parenting.  I find it amazing to see someone who is so knowledgeable about one subject, and is able to focus on that one passion. I envy those kinds of people, but I have never been that way. I have worn many “hats” in my life, but have never settled on one for very long.

I love posting my photos, and they have received some wonderful, unexpected feedback, for which I am truly grateful!  But, I also love to be able to express myself with words, so I guess for now I’ll just continue  “winging it”, and see where this goes. I’ve been pouring over my old journals, and man, there are a lot of them! Most of it is just junk, but  a few stories I might polish up and include here. I know there is one story I’ve been debating about for days, it’s from a time in my life when I was really not well, and some may find it shocking, in both language and content. I feel it’s an important part of my past, but fear offending anyone. I’m also a Christian, and have changed so much since then, but it seems such an important, insightful piece of my life, and I truly believe that all of what we experience in life creates the whole person.

I want to thank all who have followed along with me on this  journey so far, and have shown appreciation for my posts. I hope to share so much more with all of you. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. I’ll try to keep it upbeat at times, but to be honest, the life I’ve led is not a fairy tale, and I’m not going to pretend for anyone, not here. Huh, I just had a thought…Maybe I should have called this, “The mid-life ramblings of a woman still trying to help the little girl she once was”.



2 comments on “What am I Doing with this Blog?

    • I think when we reach a certain age, so much of our perspective has been changed by what we’ve experienced. I love discovery of self. I think the most important thing I’ve learned thus far is that I will never figure it all out. LOL…wish I had known that in my teens and twenties!


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