No Way to Write!

I woke late today, after another night in front of this screen trying to find something to write about. I fixed my tea, turned on the computer, and started to respond to a post that I had read. MY  KEYBOARD WAS DEAD! You want to talk desperation? A writer with no way to write? A photographer with no way to post photos? I couldn’t even check my bank account to see if I had the funds to get another keyboard. Talk about a bad start to my day. The problem, as you can see has been remedied, thank goodness! I honestly felt like someone had cut off my right hand, silenced my voice, robbed me of my connection to this cyber world, which sadly, is most of my world. I will be reading, commenting, and hopefully, posting once I have calmed down. Sigh…it’s all good.


One comment on “No Way to Write!

  1. Oh, how I can relate! The last time my keyboard died (an encounter with a can of Diet Coke), I was in the middle of getting to know DSB over Yahoo chat and I had no other way of talking to him. And I was OBSESSED with talking to him, as you know in the very first few days and weeks of a relationship. I hauled butt down to the closest Radio Shack and paid, what I’m sure was, far too much for a simple keyboard. Technology just can’t stop love, ya know? 😀


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