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An unidentified man in Syracuse N.Y. is on a mission to save a blanket. The blanket went missing after Kim. H., 53, of Georgia reported that she let her husband of ten years,  take the blanket on a recent bus trip, heading to N.Y. on business. Mr. H. returned to their home in Georgia two nights ago, after five weeks away, and the home-coming was just as  he expected, his family greeting him happily as he walked in the door. When asked how she felt about upon her husbands return, Mrs. H. told reporters, “I was just so glad to have him home!”

Several hours later, as she helped her husband unpack, Mrs. H.’s bliss turned into heartbreak and horror. The blanket was nowhere to be found. Mrs. H. told B.A.B (Blogger About Blogger) news that she was completely stunned when Mr. H. told her that he had left the blanket  in the motel room where he had stayed. “I was just heartbroken”, she said. “How could anyone do that to a defenseless blanket?”

As this was going to press, B.A.B. received news that the blanket was located earlier today, and is said to be in good condition,  locked away in the “Lost and Found” at the motel. The H. family was so overcome with joy upon hearing the most recent news,  they were unable to release a statement.

In an amazing twist of fate, an anonymous man, who is only known to the family through Mrs. H.’s blog, has offered to help return the blanket to its home in Georgia. “I am just overcome with gratitude.” Mrs. H. said. “I can’t believe that someone would do something so kind, for someone they don’t even know.” The blanket is reported to begin its journey home sometime tomorrow. Mrs. H. is reportedly not leaving her husband after all.

B.A.B. news will update as more details on the homeward bound blanket become available.


8 comments on “Breaking Blogger News!!

    • I am truly blessed by the person! To go to such lengths to return this to me is beyond fate! I mean, if I had not started this blog three weeks ago, I would not have known one soul in N.Y. state!


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