If you’re lucky, found really does follow lost

Two very blessed people! I am amazed at the hand of fate in this one. If I hadn’t started blogging, I would not have known a soul in Syracuse, N.Y.

Mark Bialczak

The universe talked directly to me this week.

I was open to its lesson. Let’s call it “They Were Lost and Now They’re Found.”

It starts with a vest finding its way back to Syracuse from Canada and ends with a blanket making the journey from Syracuse back to Georgia.

Sit back and enjoy.

We shall begin with the vest.

It didn’t take long after my dear wife Karen and I returned home to Syracuse from our anniversary getaway to Niagara Falls that I discovered I’d left something behind on the Canadian side.

I couldn’t find my comfortable black, zippered, space-aged material vest.

Karen gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago. It started out as a golf vest, picked out and purchased at the local Golf Galaxy.

It turned into a go-to article of outerwear.

I loved the deep pockets. They easily fit the bulky…

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