Just a Little Post

I am lazy today. I lost my internet last night just as I was finishing the post about my daughter’s accident. I was already a bit emotional with all the anxiety of recalling that time in my life, but then the internet cut out as I pushed “Publish”. Well, as most of you know, “Publish” does not mean “done”! I tried all the lame, reset router, unplug router, reboot computer junk, then called tech “support” who left me on hold for over 45 minutes before I hung up. My mood was not prime to say the least. Anyway, after very little sleep and dealing with the internet guy today, I’m done. I tried to take a few pics yesterday, but the wind and rain were making it difficult. Here are three photos. The flower is from yesterday, the one of my dog Cody I captured this morning. He is such a poser! The one of my other dog, Casey is blurry as usual, she hates posing. I may post something more meaty later tonight, if I can catch a good nap.



8 comments on “Just a Little Post

    • Cody is the little black one, and Casey is an Irish terrier mix (the yellow dog). We aren’t sure of Cody’s mix, but we are pretty sure he is Yorkie and Chihuahua…everyone asks us about his “breed”..we really have no idea.


    • Yup Mark, we call her our little “bambie” she look so much like a deer, and Cody has been a camera hog since day one. He will actually stop what he’s doing and look right into the lens. Casey sees the camera and prefers to run.


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