The Skill to Survive

As I mentioned in a previous post, both of my dogs are rescues. My dog Casey was rescued from our local shelter. She had been horribly abused. I’ve never known the details of the abuse, only that ultimately she was tied out to starve to death. This is what she looked like after a month of good feeding at the shelter.


I can only imagine what she must have looked like when they first rescued this poor girl. The other signs of her abuse are still present. After being with us for almost three years, she cowers when I pick up the broom or move the baby gate. I hate to even imagine what this dear animal has endured.

I noticed soon after we brought her into our home, where she has plenty of food , that one of her survival skills from that horrible time in her life remains. She is a constant scavenger in our little backyard. You would think there isn’t much for a dog to eat out there, but watch Casey on any given day, and you’ll be surprised. She loves to find the pecans that fall from our neighbor’s tree, she knows which plants and leaves are “safe” to eat without a sore belly later. She will dig in the dirt and eat what I believe to be the nubs off the roots of the many pine trees, at least I think that is what she’s eating, but she loves them. There is also a strange-looking fruit that falls from another neighbor’s tree that she absolutely loves! I’m not sure what the fruit is, but here’s a pic, maybe one of you knows what this is…

Casey's Fruit

Casey has also passed all of her survival wisdom along to our other dog, Cody. She seems to have taught him how to find things to eat, and what is safe to eat in our little backyard. On one hand it makes me sad to think of what she endured, and how it caused her to develop these skills, but on the other hand, it shows her strength to survive. She is such an amazing dog, so sweet and loving. She still doesn’t like strangers, and has been difficult to socialize. But, she has a good life here, and I’m so glad that she is a part of our family.  Here is a photo of Casey today.

My Casey girl


14 comments on “The Skill to Survive

    • She is..thanks Rose. Doesn’t she look amazing compared to when we got her? I love how healthy she looks now..and she’s finally getting more outgoing when we play, not so timid!


  1. Casey is smart and beautiful, Kim. We rescued our Ellie B at a “Pause for a Cause” event here. She had been left on the front step of a local Humane Society overnight, and was waiting for workers to let her in come morning, they told us. The first while with us, we thought she didn’t like us or people in general. We said she had the “flee” gene. Any little crack of space and she was out of the yard, daring us to catch her around the neighborhood. Now. almost three, we can let her out in the fenced yard without attaching her to the run (knock on wood). And she’s turned into a sweet, people-loving dog. Our last dog, dear Lissa, was a rescue who lived to 15. I miss that loyal and sweet dog so much. Thank God for Ellie B. Thanks for your photos and story!


    • 🙂 The day we got Casey I had stopped at the adoption van, “just to look”. She was the first dog when I walked in, and I never got past her cage. I knew she was mine, and I was hers.


      • We went two years without after Lissa left us. Karen told me we were going to the Pause for a Cause just to look around. Ellie B was one of the dogs being marched around wearing an orange “Adopt Me” vest. She jumped up on Karen and I. I saw Karen looking at her and I knew. “You want her,” I said. Me, too!


    • Thank the Lord for people like us who know the value in these creatures, and have the heart to rescue. I’m happy for you and your Ellie B. I miss my Mojo too…had him for little over 10 years. Took me a long time before I got Cody.


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