Are you P.C. about Christmas?

No, I don’t mean are you Politically Correct. I mean, are you “Poverty Conscious” around the holidays?

I have always loved the holidays. Starting on Thanksgiving day with the Macy’s parade, and all the fabulous food, to watching my favorite Christmas shows. Remember when we had to wait all year to see the Christmas specials, and if we missed them we were out of luck? I’m so happy to have DVDs, I sometimes find myself watching “Scrooge” in the middle of July. I get so nostalgic listening to Bing Crosby’s “I’ll be Home for Christmas”, except that it makes me cry every time. I love decorating the house and the tree. As a child the building of anticipation was almost too much to bear, my parents and grandparents did it so well! I tried to instill this same sense of wonder, and tradition in my own children. I can see the traditions continue, as each year my daughter’s post pics of their trees all decked out, and the grands opening their presents.

Christmas is so different when you suffer from poverty. I wrote recently about The Many Pain of Poverty, and how it affects many of us on a day-to-day basis, but the holidays bring on a whole new set of pains. I am used to struggling week to week, sometimes buying the dog’s food instead of my own, but around Christmas time it can feel really lonely. Honestly, I am not a materialistic person. I mean, you can’t be materialistic and poor, you’d never survive or be happy. It does get  tough though, walking through all the stores, seeing everyone so excited about finishing their shopping lists. Watching others put up post after post of beautiful decorations, trees, gifts, and family gatherings, well, it just hurts. I am truly happy for those who are blessed, but I miss being a part of all the hub bub. I want to be able to buy gifts for my kids and grand kids. I want to be with them! I want comfort and joy.. There I said it. I know it is supposed to be about the kids, but I’m a kid at heart, and I miss “Big” holidays. I miss family.

There have been recent years when we couldn’t even afford a tree, and that was okay. I don’t think I’ll get one this year, I mean, I don’t have living room furniture, so why put a tree in a room I can’t sit down in to admire it? I am grateful that the cold hasn’t hit here yet, so that I’m not worried about heating this un-insulated house that has no central heating. I’m grateful that I have food, and warm clothes, and a roof over my head. Is it so bad that I wish I had a bit more? It is wrong that I want to pay off the new laptop I have on lay-away at Walmart, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to? (I want it for my new bogging “career” lol). Is it wrong to want to ask “Santa” for the new tires I so desperately need? Is it wrong to wish for more? Maybe. But I do wish that a miracle will happen, and things could be different for us this year.

On the upside…I don’t have to face the crowds at the mall. I won’t have to clean up a ton of pine needles all the way through to February. I don’t have all the stress that most people face with this “deadline”. I can just watch the movies, listen to the music, and be happy. I’ll try not to miss my kids, my grands, and my parents (who both died in December), though I’ll fail miserably, and I’ll try to remember those who are much worse off than I am this Christmas.

I could get into the Christian side of this, “It’s Christ’s birthday after all, not mine”, but I’m feeling selfish, and my birthday is coming up too. I’m glad I have a therapy appointment on the 4th, the day Mama died actually, I think I need one. I’m rambling, and probably not making any sense at all. I guess I just wish I had that feeling of anticipation, that joy of expectation, of good things to come. And well, on this particular night I don’t, and for those of you who have managed to read this until the end, my sincere apologies. I’m wondering if I should even push “Publish”. Probably my worst post yet. ( I hate whiners).. But, here goes nothing…

Oh, and one last word, my prayer is always that I can be blessed…not for myself, but so I can bless others, and help them to not ever have to feel this way at Christmas, or any other time.

I just dug out this old photo from my Grandparent’s house…1968? It is one of my best childhood memories.



16 comments on “Are you P.C. about Christmas?

  1. In these shallow times, this post was mostly needed. Thank you very much for posting this! You’re not alone, believe me. I felt a strong bond to what you wrote because much of what you wrote is something that I can relate to. I know the feeling and thinking about others, instead of only “me, myself and I” which is becoming even more common…
    At the same time as even more people become more shallow and self-centred, at the other end of society there will always be a group of people that cares about others.
    Take care!


  2. I love this time of year starting with Halloween! Growing up money was a feast of famine situation but my parents always made Christmas nice. I have a difficult time because both my children were born in December and we refuse to combine birthdays and Christmas so for us it is a lot of money at one time.


    • Both my bother’s and my birthdays are also in December. But alas, another plus in being poor…I don’t have to spend any money in December…because there isn’t any.


  3. I don’t think this a particularly whiny post. I think you are saying what is on a lot of people’s minds. It’s hard to think about Christmas when you spend your last $50 on dog food instead of groceries, when you don’t have the money to decorate and celebrate, and buy gifts. It’s tough. I know! I wish I had a good answer to the problem, but I don’t. All I can say is to keep hanging in there, and someday, it will get better. And even if it doesn’t get better, it will be okay. That’s just how I have to look at it. Hugs to you!


    • Thanks Rose..yeah, I’m considering just “skipping” Christmas all together, as much as possible. Stay away from the stores, and the social media posts…just treat every day the same until is has all blown over. It is just another day anyway.


  4. I understand what you mean. We had tons of decorations, lights and presents when we were kids. But I’m just not into anymore. It has become a materialistic holiday. Christmas is being pushed on us before Halloween! Insanity. I don’t want or need presents; and I never put up a tree anymore because my hubby and I visit our families in South Bend and Bloomington. All in a weekend sometimes. I hate it when people go overboard and give presents that I can’t possible afford to give in return. The best present I could think of is to be with my sister and her kids that are 2000 miles away. I hate it that there is so much commercialism that families with very little feel bad that they can’t offer their kids more. Christmas has stopped being a holiday as far as I’m concerned. I enjoy it because it is a chance to spend with family (when we are luck enough to get that chance). Christmas has never been about tons of presents… did the real meaning get so lost?


  5. I completely understand! I have been thinking lately about going to a Senior Citizens Home on Christmas and spend some time with the old folks that don’t have family during this season, or any other season. I have been thinking about buying those $3 lap blankets at the cheap stores and taking those to them. I might even cut a hole in the middle so they can wear it as a poncho. I think I am going to have a VERY MERRY Christmas! And I hope you have one too. 🙂


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