Living Under a Rock?

Even with all this information and technology under my fingertips there are times I feel as if I’ve been living under a rock.

Okay, I admit I’ve always been lagging far behind the newest trends and gadgets. It’s just not my thing. I didn’t even have a cell phone until 2005 when both of my daughter’s were pregnant, and needed them to be able to contact me anywhere. But, even in regards to the cell phone…I still have a basic, pay-as-you go, flip phone. I don’t like contracts, and I don’t need all the other “stuff” that the more advanced phones come with, I just want a phone. If I need the internet I get on the computer. If I want to take photographs I use my camera. You get the idea.

I love all the information available to me on the internet. It’s wonderful to be able to Google anything, and find scads of information on whatever subject I want to check out. I use Facebook to stay up to date on what friends and acquaintances are up to in their lives, though mostly Facebook is just an irritation lately, which is how I ended up here! Yaaay!

However, with all this information at my disposal I found out two weeks ago that there are still some things I have never even heard about.

I was scanning my Facebook news feed when I came across a post by a friend. She said she had to make an emergency run to get a new battery so that she could “Vape”. I thought to myself, what the heck does that mean? Of course, I went to her page and asked about it. It turns out, that all the time, energy, and expense I have put into trying to quit smoking cigs, I had somehow missed this method. Vaping. I had tried the electronic cigarettes that you buy at the store, and they tasted horrible, and made me feel ill. Now Vaping is a different electronic system all together. It comes in many different “systems”, but basically it’s a pen shaped device with three different parts. There is a battery, an atomizer tank that holds the liquid and heats it, turning it into vapor, and a mouthpiece. My friend sent me a starter kit, and I spent quite a bit of time googling about this new contraption, and asking my friend many questions on how to use it. Basically, you charge the new battery, add the liquid of your choice, put the mouthpiece on it, turn it on, push a button, and inhale the vapor. The liquids can contain different levels of nicotine, or no nicotine, and come in so many flavors it’s insane. I started with a basic Turkish tobacco flavor, and high nicotine level, because I smoke a lot! I thought I would hate it, but after just four days of using it, I love it! I have finally found something that not only lets me feel like I’m smoking, but for now gives me the nicotine too. I will be able to gradually lessen the amount of nicotine I am taking in, and the cost after start-up is so much less than I was spending on real cigs! I’m so happy. The vapor it produces leaves no cigarette smell on me or my clothes, and no ashes. I am still smoking some analog cigs, but have cut my use in half in just this short amount of time.

So, I have joined the world of vaping. If you Google it you will find that it IS an entire community, ohmygosh! How could I have never even heard of this before? For any of my readers looking to quit smoking cigarettes, or just a safer, cheaper alternative, you have to check out vaping. I’m so glad I did!

Here are some pics of what I got in my kit.

green-egot-gsh2-vaporizer1 mWDA4CYg_rbtgivFfjWosKQ $T2eC16VHJHgFFl-7tVUuBSMl0ooNi!~~60_35


12 comments on “Living Under a Rock?

  1. I am happy to hear that you have found something that will help you get off of nicotine and stop stuffing the pockets of the tabbaco companies. Quitting smoking is very very difficult so happy success to you! 🙂


  2. Vaping, I’ve seen the contraptions but hadn’t heard that description. When my stepson pulled that thing out the first time I had no idea what the heck it was. But he now smokes zero analog butts because of it, so I’m all for it. My wife goes for the store-bought e-cig and she’s done with analog butts, too. I’m happy for both of them. I’m rooting you on, too, Kim.


    • LOL @ “contraptions”..I’m waiting to get pulled over by some cop thinking I have a high end crack pipe! I am really grateful for this discovery though. It’s made a huge difference in my thoughts of giving up analogs. It has been a good experience so far!


  3. Don’t know much about vaping, but I’m all for it if it keeps you from smoking “analog” cigs. 🙂 I’m at the end of day one of smoking cessation and am feeling slightly less than stellar. Good luck to you!


    • I have still been smoking some analogs, but less than half my normal, so I switch between the two. I do see this making it possible to totally give up real cigs very soon though!


      • That’s awesome! Sam just showed me his “e-cigarette” that he used in the hospital, and I am curious if they are one in the same, can’t tell from the picture. He is using it inside because I have put down a rule of no smoking inside the house and it is frigid out there. I feel kinda mean about it, but I have to do what is best for me, too.


      • They are all electronic cigs and put out only vapor, but the ones you buy ready at the store are a bit different from the one I am using, which is kind of like a miniature hookah pipe.
        The vapor does not contain any of the dangers of second hand smoke from a regular cig…and the vapor, though you may smell the scent of whatever he is smoking, does not cling to anything. It’s basically just mist.


    • Thanks Ruth, I’m not sure how much healthier it is, there are differing opinions, but I feel better, so it’s an improvement. I’m hoping it will help to quit all together. A step in the right direction though.


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