Good Morning…I Pray

Good Morning all you wonderful WP people, many I consider friends, and new family. It is 5am here. I woke at 4, and if you have followed along on my little journey here, you know that I am not an early morning person. However, the day I had yesterday was similar to what I imagine a college hazing would feel like, maybe worse, so I passed out pretty early last night.

I mentioned this week about the problems with GreenDot, and my husband’s paycheck. Well, it got worse. I have never done a product review, but this will be a warning to all. Do not ever use a GreenDot prepaid card for anything! I didn’t realize that the temporary card you buy at the store can not be used for any transactions that require a pin. In other words, you can make purchases, but are unable to withdraw any cash from it, not at an atm or in cash back until you receive your permanent card in the mail, in 7-10 days. So, basically all the money from hubby’s paycheck was now being held hostage.

Fine. I will be a little late in paying the rent. I could buy groceries, some liquid for my vape, and any other essentials. I had used it only twice to make purchases so far. I set out to run errands. First stop to pick up my vapor liquid, and the transaction was declined. I knew we had more than enough money for the $6 purchase, luckily I had a couple of dollars in my wallet. I got back in my car, called GD and found out that a hold had been put on my card for “unusual activity”! What? Making two purchases in two days was considered unusual? I had to go through a maze of automated button pushing to get it unblocked.

I returned home, and got on the phone with GD to find out was going on. I was told again that because of “unusual activity” the account/card would be cancelled, and unable to be reloaded with funds…EVER. What? After being transferred three different times to the “right” department, I still was given no clear explanation for this. I turned to Google and looked up reviews and complaints about this company. I was horrified by what I found! Without giving you all the stats, you can look it up yourself, I found many, many stories of this happening to people who never got their money back off of these cards!

I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and this sent me into a severe panic mode. I had to get our money before it became mysteriously unavailable to us!  I knew I couldn’t get the cash, but came up with a plan. First I went to Walmart, and used a large amount of our bill money to pay off my lay-away,  bought prepaid phone minutes for both our phones, and $100 Walmart gift card. That left about $80 to I still needed to “rescue” from the card. The dogs needed their food, so I headed to Petsmart, and bought the larger bag of their premium food, this left about $40 which I used to buy food at another store. I had done it, there is only $12 left on that stupid card. I came home beyond depleted, but secure in knowing that we were not going to become another GreenDot rip-off victim. We are going to have to pay bills out of his next paycheck, late, but paid. Now, he just needs to make sure his boss pays him in something other than a GD MoneyPak.

Anyway, here I sit typing on my new laptop, which was supposed to be on lay-away and paid of incrementally, but has become an early birthday gift for myself. I can’t say I’m too unhappy about that. The dogs have plenty of food, and we have a gift card for anything else we may need this week.

It is a rainy, windy day here in the Southeast Georgia. The dogs, wondering why we got up so early, have been fed and are snoozing on the bed. I have a cup of tea, some good early morning, mellow music on the radio, and other than catching up on a bit of housework, and driving to pick up my hubby later today, I am chilling out… Oh, and trying to find something to blog about other than this ridiculous story from the “Life of Kim”. Have a great day everyone!


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      • Mine should have waited a couple more paychecks, but I got trapped with having to find a way to get our money off that card. I’m loving it…just hope next week pays the bills, or I may have to give the laptop to my landlord lol


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