Nominations Everywhere!

First of all I want to thank me for the Blog of 2013 nomination, for the Versatile Blogger Award, and for the Liebster Award, and for her mentioning nominating me for the Liebster Award also!

I am quite humbled by these nominations. I am blessed to know that people even read my blog, never mind actually enjoy it. However, I must be honest… these awards remind me of a really bad chain letter. If I don’t accept them and follow the rules, which are quite lengthy at times, and pass them on to so many other bloggers, I feel I shall have bad luck in the blogging world forever, or lose precious followers. But, I must risk it.

I blog because I love to write, I love to post photographs, meet new people and hopefully improve myself in some way. I truly I hope I don’t offend anyone by not accepting these Awards, and thanks to my dear friend and his “Awards” page, for showing me that I can be  truly gracious in refusing these awards. I hope you all stay with me anyway! And with Uncle Spikes blessing I leave you with his badge



12 comments on “Nominations Everywhere!

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  2. I empathize Kim-I struggled with this as well and also decided that I just did not want to go that route-while I appreciated the recognition, it also seemed to have the potential for being a never ending puzzle box. Good for you to follow your heart on this-


    • Thanks! I found many bloggers feel as I so about this, but were afraid to offend someone by not accepting these nominations. We need to do what is “write” for us in this blogging adventure.


      • I find nothing disrespectful (your post) in this at all. It takes away from ‘enjoyment time’, surfing the blogs or writing up your latest masterpiece. Well done. 🙂


      • Thanks John…Yes, after my first nomination, it just nagged me for days, and took away from time to write or post photos. I just want to have fun here, and explore myself and others! I appreciate your comment. 🙂


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