Post Turkey Coma Post

Hubby’s late arrival home yesterday meant a mad dash to find the smallest turkey I could, and get it thawed out in time to eat today. I managed to do that, though we ate a bit later than usual.

Now that the turkey has settled and the pie has been eaten, I am at a loss for what I feel like doing. I am suffering from the need to write, and I mean write something good, but my mind is in a fog. Is the turkey to blame? Maybe. I thought I would watch a movie, but couldn’t decide on one. So, I am watching my “Sex and the City” DVD collection for the millionth time. Did I really just admit that to the internet world? Okay…Hello, my name is Kim, and I love watching “Sex and the City” episodes.

While looking through my DVD collection my eyes starting scanning my books. I collect books (of course), and though my collection has dwindled over the past few years, being homeless and all, I noticed a couple of books that I haven’t even read yet. Most likely they are titles I picked up off of the “free” table at the library. I was shocked to see the binder of a book by Mary Wollstonecraft titled, “Maria, or The Wrongs of Woman”, why haven’t I read this yet? I also found “American Bloomsbury” by Susan Cheever. It’s a collection of tales about some of my favorite authors from Concord, the place of my birth.

“Susan Cheever’s latest work, …brings new life to the well-known literary personages who produced such cherished works as The Scarlet Letter,  Moby-DickWalden, and Little Women. Rendering in full color the tumultuous, often scandalous lives of these volatile and vulnerable geniuses.”

Again, this has been sitting in my book-case and I haven’t read it? Wow. I need to spend more time reading. It used to be you couldn’t find me without a book attached to the end of my nose. I’m slacking when I have books like these just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

By now you may be have a better understanding of the title of this post. My mind is all over the place tonight. I’m sitting here writing as if you were just sitting across from me listening to me ramble on about everything and anything that pops into my head. This could be the turkey talking…ha ha ha, or it may be that I woke at 3:45 A.M. yesterday morning, and even with a nap, I am just not completely here. It is after 1 A.M. already.

Now that I have bored you into a coma…at least I can say we are on the same page.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your weekend!


12 comments on “Post Turkey Coma Post

  1. Chances are that you’re just too full. Also, turkey, like chicken, can make you feel drowsy, yet not actually sleepy. If you have the same style of dinner for Christmas, likely you’ll experience the same thing. 😉


  2. I love stumbling across books like that! I have a Kindle now, so very few in actual print, but I do still own a few that I am always surprised at having. And yay for Turkey Coma’s! 😀


  3. LOL! I woke up at 2:30 am! I am sitting here trying to get sleepy in order to go back to sleep. So, we both are having the same problem. 😀 (I am blaming all that rich food I ate yesterday). But yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am and I didn’t have the “turkey” to blame. 🙂


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