The Angel Wore a Pink Baseball Cap

In the Winter of 2004 my husband and I were living in a 100-year-old, 9×12 foot cabin in Central Massachusetts. The cabin was on a five acre farm, and attached to the corner of the barn. It’s main source of heat was an old wood stove in the “galley” style kitchen. What I mean by “galley style” is a very narrow alley off the living room that led to the back yard. I had to learn quickly how to use the wood stove properly, so that it would burn well into the morning. It was a big learning curve, with me waking up many mornings at around 4 my body feeling like a block of ice. The snow and cold seemed never-ending that Winter, as I hauled cord after cord of wood from the barn and into the cabin. Hubby was on the road most of the time, so yes, this was my job. The neighbor from the next farm over had to come every other day to plow the driveway, and eventually the snow was piled so high up to the barn I literally had to dig out a “doorway” to get in to fetch the wood.
By the following September, my arms looking like Popeye from hauling all that wood, the thought of handling another New England Winter was just too much to bear. I knew that hubby’s company had offices all over the U.S., so I asked him for a list, and told him to request a transfer. I decided we were going to pack up and move South. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. He made arrangements for the transfer, and I spent three weeks yard selling all we owned, which wasn’t much, by the end of October of 2005 we were heading for Georgia. We left home with around $500, a car and pick up truck loaded with all we had left. We had no plans for where we would live, only that he had a job when we got there.

When we got to Georgia we had just over $200 dollars left, after gas, food, and lodging on the trip down, and paying for a storage unit for our stuff. The $200 paid for a week in an extended stay motel. That motel was scary, but that’s another story. Anyway, we managed to get some food from a local food bank, and some churches. We thought that hubby would be able to start work right away, but there was a hold up on his paper work, and by the next week when rent came due, we had no money…we had nothing.

I was terrified, having no idea what we were going to do. I remember sitting on the bed of the motel with my bible in my hand, and I just kept repeating Psalm 91, and crying out for God to do something, “Please Lord, you have to help, there is no one to help us! Please Father, I need your help now!” As I sat there sobbing and praying there was a knock on the door, I went and opened it, and there was a man standing there with a bible in his hand. He could tell right away that I had been crying, and asked what was wrong. I broke down again, and in between my sobs, I told him our story. He said that he was a preacher who came to the motel to preach to the addicts, and prostitutes that frequented there (I told you it was scary). He said that his church could not afford to pay our entire weeks rent, but maybe he could work something out with the owner, so he and hubby headed to the motel office. I stayed in the room, thanking God, and thinking, “Lord, that was quick!”.

Hubby came back to the room a little while later, all excited as he retold what had happened. He and the preacher were talking to the motel owner about covering half of the weeks rent when a man walked in wearing a pink baseball cap that said, “Jesus” on it. The man overheard the deal that was being made between the preacher and owner, and said, “I’ll pay the other half of their rent.” The preacher turned to the man, and after a second or two, realized that he knew him! The man in the pink cap had been a heroin addict who had lived at the motel some months before, and after being led to Christ by the preacher he had gotten clean, and started living to serve the Lord. He had showed up that day hoping to find the preacher and thank him. It was the first time that the man had returned to the motel since the day he got saved.

I sat in awe of God as I listened to my husband, and then I realized I had to thank the preacher and the man in the pink cap!! I ran as fast as I could to the motel office. It hadn’t been more than a few minutes since hubby had returned to the motel room, but neither the preacher nor the man in the pink cap were anywhere to be found. I only know that God sent two angels to us that day, and one of them was wearing a pink baseball cap.

Never underestimate how much God loves you! Never doubt the power of prayer, because God is listening, and wants to help, no matter what you are facing. You’ve just got to have faith!


21 comments on “The Angel Wore a Pink Baseball Cap

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  2. What a lovely and moving story. That was such a brave and scary journey for you both!! That sure was quick in response…I am not sure I have a direct line like you have though…so next time I`m in a bind, I just may ask you to make a conference call {grins}


    • Thanks so much! Yes, we need to ask…He knows what’s best, so even when the answer is “No” we have to trust..but, this time he answered really quickly! lol


  3. I had something like that happen to me.. When I was deep into my divorce, I had no money and it was tough.. I called out to God, “You have to help me Lord.” The next day I got my income tax refund… A week and a half after I sent it by mail to the IRS.


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