Too Tired to Title

I messed up and took my sleep meds way too early last night, then woke at midnight and could not get back to sleep. I got quite a bit accomplished today, and it is just after 2pm. I did manage to take a photo jaunt, but with over 80 photos to cull and edit, I am just too tired to post them yet. I am going to sleep now, and will probably be up all night editing photos, and writing a blog post…we’ll see. I leave you with a couple of photos from this morning. Click any photo for slide show viewing! Hugs all!

The Sea Gulls were very cooperative this morning…more photos later!


10 comments on “Too Tired to Title

    • Yeah, he seemed to want to pose for me, where the others just got annoyed as I got closer, and flew off. I have a rather blurry photo of one that was really displeased with me, I’ll post that one later. 🙂


    • Thanks Annie…I tried so hard to get a couple pics of this other type of bird on that pier, but couldn’t get a good shot…I’ll have to look through them again, and see if maybe I missed one I can use.


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