Doggie Bed Time Routine

My dogs Cody and Casey are kennel trained. They are also on a very strict nap and bedtime schedule, so that they will come to me and whine to be put to bed in their kennel. Tonight I had their blankets in the dryer when they started whining. I took most of the blankets out that were already dry, but Cody’s blanket had to wait. I can’t post the video here, but if you want to see what he does to get ready for bed you can use the link to the video on my facebook page.


6 comments on “Doggie Bed Time Routine

    • They are extremely smart. Cody in particular has a knack for understanding the English language. Casey does too, but I think she hesitates to let me know how much SHE knows ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚


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