Lucky Lady, Sad Day for Sally

Back in January of 2009 it seemed things were going a bit better for me. I had almost died that past August from an infection in my pancreas. I didn’t even know I was sick, but that’s another story. Hubby had been working for the same roofing company that had made the move to Georgia possible, and we were finally “getting ahead”. We had our own place after living in an extended stay motel for two years. It was the cutest condo, that was actually a separate house, two bedrooms, two baths, and great little patio. He was still working on the road, but things were good.

Right before moving from the motel we decided it was time for a new vehicle. We had driven down from Mass. with my little Ford, which had been sold, and his Ford Ranger pick up truck was on its last legs. He was out of town the night I went to “just look” and see what we could afford. I walked around that lot checking out all the “practical” vehicles they had…but, then I saw her.

She was parked at the front of the lot, facing the road, posing beautifully for the passing cars. My heart started pounding as I approached the beautiful silver, black-top convertible. I knew there was no way we could afford that, but it didn’t stop me from checking her out, sitting in her..and then, I went too far…I started her up. Only a gear-head will understand my next statement…the sound and feel of that motor rumbling was better than sex!

I got on the phone with hubby, using that tone we women use when we really want something, “Honeeeey?” “Yeeees?”, he replied cautiously. “Can you stop at the car lot on your way back from Atlanta?” “Sure,” he said, “Did you find something for us?” “Well, not exactly for us.” I said.

Okay, if I’m not going to drag this out too long here I’ll skip the test drive, how hubby signed for the car sight unseen, and I drove home the next day with “Sally”. That shiny, silver convertible was mine!

Oh, how I loved that car. I became one of those people you see wiping their car down with a soft cloth after parking sideways at the end of the parking lot. She was the most amazing car I had ever had.

On January 16, it was another exceptionally warm day here in Georgia, so I called my girlfriend and asked if she wanted to take a ride. Rob was due home from Atlanta that night, so I phoned to see what time he was expected, he said about 5 hours. I left the house, got into my sweet girl, started her up, and started to put the top down, then I remembered how my friend was so anal about her hair, so I left the top up.

I pulled carefully out of the driveway, took a right down the road….I came to the intersection, the light was green, so I kept going straight, and then it felt like my world exploded. The impact is something I still can’t even describe, and pardon my language, but my only thought was, “My fucking car!”…Everything seemed to switch into slow motion from there, my chest felt like I got punched when the air bag hit me, my head went forward and then back slowly, I looked up to see a house in front of me, the car was facing the corner of the intersection. I could not see what had hit me. The smoke was filling the car, my body hurt everywhere, my legs felt pinned.

Suddenly, there was someone opening the door..I could hear the scraping of metal. “You’re okay. I’m a paramedic. The ambulance is on its way.” This stranger was off duty, but had seen the accident. I was crying, “It hurts, it hurts!”….He kept his hand behind my neck to stabilize my head. Then there was a police officer standing there. She had been at the intersection on her way to work. “Can I call anyone for you?”, she asked. “Yes, call my husband.” She dialed the number I gave her, and I listened as she explained that his wife had just been in a car accident. My husband and I having spoken on the phone only 5 minutes before thought it was a prank call. When the officer hung up I heard my cell phone start ringing from somewhere in the back of my car. It was hubby, still not believing what he had just been told.

I was taken to the hospital, and released a few hours later, with “no apparent injuries” except for the severe bruises on my chest from the air bag and seat belt. I would find out later how bad my injuries really were, but again, that’s another story.

I was very lucky that day. The girl who hit me had come through the intersection opposite me and taken a left into my car. She came so fast that the officer at the scene told me later that she never saw the girl coming, she only saw when she hit me. She had hit me so hard that her car had ended up behind mine, which is why I didn’t see anything after I got hit. I could tell more, but it’s better in the showing. All I will add is that “Sally” saved my life that day. When you see the car you’ll understand, and like me, wonder how I survived with so few injuries. I miss that car.


14 comments on “Lucky Lady, Sad Day for Sally

    • If you look at all the damage, I wonder how the hood never crumpled. I would have been so badly hurt if it had, the engine would have gotten pushed through the firewall.


    • I don’t know to be honest Mark. I heard she was just 16 and on a learners permit. Never met her, I settled out of court. We were homeless by then and needed the money.


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