Sky Photography Obsession


14 comments on “Sky Photography Obsession

      • Ying Yang. A ship listing to one side will sink.. So as with people… I’m sitting in my truck right now at work and I see some pretty unhappy souls out there..


      • That is because they are “out there” looking for their happiness…they don’t realize it’s a choice they make…it took me a long time to decide to be happy, rather than waiting for circumstances to get better first. Aaah, the wisdom of age.


      • Yes… No one can make you happy. People marry others in hopes they will make them happy.. It is a formula for unhappiness.


      • I am facing this fact for the third time. I’m afraid I have learned too late that people do not change unless they desire it. Devoted to God, others, and myself.


      • Very good.. The western thought of God and you is duel.. The eastern view is you and god and I are one.. There is no sun… Lessons.. Some tough lessons. Text me should you wise 7073878257


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