A Belated “Happy Birthday” to Me!

After throwing a bit of a pity party on my birthday I figured I had to make up to myself and my dear readers for such a display! Enough of this feeling sorry for myself garbage! I gave myself a wonderful belated birthday party today.

I decided to make my favorite dinner as a post-birthday treat. I had already bought the pot roast, but I had to run to the store for the potatoes. While wondering through the Christmas crowds at the store, I walked by the floral display as is my habit. I leaned down to smell a beautiful bouquet of red and green carnations, and started to walk away, as is also my habit, but then I thought..why not? Now, you have to understand that doing anything nice for myself, when it benefits no one else, is a totally new concept/skill that I am slowly learning. I bought the flowers! This started to feel good..so, I went by the bakery and bought myself a little birthday cake too!

I enjoyed the lovely pot roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, baby peas, and dinner rolls, which resulted in a nice long nap. I am now going to fix another cup of hot tea, so I can enjoy my birthday cake, and look at the beautiful flowers I bought myself. My therapist will be so proud.

The best part of my day today…my youngest daughter, Christina, sent me a video of my Granddaughter, Hannah, showing me all of their wonderful Christmas decorations. She was so cute! She showed me their tree, the lights strung about the house, the fire in the fireplace and The Muppets Christmas special they were watching. It was so good to see her beautiful face, hear her sweet voice, and to share in their holiday fun! It did make me miss them a bit more, but I love watching the video, over and over again! It was just so special, and made me feel included, which is beyond anything I could have wished for this Christmas. I was so touched.

This has been a really great day. I am blessed. I’m getting used to this “Treating Myself Well” thing, it may even become a habit. Wouldn’t that be something?


27 comments on “A Belated “Happy Birthday” to Me!

  1. One good day like this, Kim, leads to another. And another. Then you have momentum, positive change, more happiness. It all started with you making this one good day for yourself. Way to go. I hope you loved the tea and cake.


    • Thanks Mark…I really did enjoy this day. Working on my next blog post, and hoping it warms up a bit so I can do another photo session soon. Have I mentioned that it’s all about ME lately?


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