Daily Prompt: Rage and Furry…Yes, I mean Furry!

I wasn’t going to post anything for this prompt as I couldn’t think of anything at the time that truly enraged me. Since going through my day today though, the most obvious thing that brings me feelings of rage, or righteous indignation, has reared its ugly head.

Animal neglect and abuse! There you go.

For three days now I have seen the same dog wandering around the parking lot of my local corner store. She is wearing a color, and looks to have just given birth. The store owner has called animal control and each time they show up the dog is gone. Well, today I saw her again, and this time I realize I know who she belongs to! I don’t have contact with this person by phone since we had a falling out some months ago, but I left messages on her facebook.

I went back out looking for the dog, bowl of food and leash in hand. I found her on one of the side streets, and she came right to me when she saw I had food. She is extremely emaciated! I got the leash on her without any problem, but she would not get in my car, so I let her go. I was originally going to let my the owner know I had found her, but after talking to a couple of people in the area, it turns out that the “owner” knows her dog is out wandering and is claiming she feeds her!!

There is no way I am going to give this dog back to her, not from me anyway. I can’t get a hold of animal control as they are closed on Thursdays, but first thing tomorrow I will call my friend who runs the shelter, I will help them find and take this dog, and I will make sure they know who owns her. This person, who I had the falling out with, is now going to have another reason for not speaking to me, and I don’t care. This poor dog can not speak for herself, so I will speak for her.

I am so sick of the abuse and neglect of these dogs. I see it every day in my neighborhood, and try to do what I can. One person pointed out that if she is taken to the shelter and they can’t adopt her out, she will be “put down”. I know this. However, which is more humane…being put down or starving to death? A shitty choice either way, but I don’t want to see any dog suffer the way this poor dog is suffering today. Screw that!

Sorry for my language, but I am beyond upset…I am enraged! I’ll pray for that dog, and about my language later. sigh


12 comments on “Daily Prompt: Rage and Furry…Yes, I mean Furry!

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  4. I completely agree with you. The people across the street from me get darling kittens and puppies but don’t take them to get their puppy shots and the puppies die of Parvo. Then half the time they don’t have money to even buy the pets they do have, food! That really makes me angry!


    • I know…I see so much of this every day. The people behind me got a puppy two summers ago…she has been tied outside this whole time. Problem is, they aren’t breaking the law…sigh. The laws need to change.


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  6. We used to live in another apt. complex for 10 years and the people there would get kittens and then throw them outside to have littler of kittens after littler of kittens and they usually died.
    We tried feeding them all outside and catching them and taking them to the local animal but there were just to many.
    Animal control didn”t give a hoot and wouldn”t come out to catch them.
    At least they were well fed and our vet gave us medication to put in their food to help them stay healthy.
    We had to move several years ago so we could have a downstairs apt. as there was none there, and I am not even sure what is going on there any more, as the entire complex was repooed by the bank and is empty now.


    • Yes, the number of stray cats in our neighborhood is extreme also, but getting the humane society to bring “catch and neuter/spay” cages is tough. They and the animal control are so overwhelmed. I just wish there were more laws to protect animals here. At least require dog licenses and only to those who spay and neuter..or something. I hate how people get a puppy and just tie it out or let it go..it happens a lot around here, and no one cares.


    • I am going to help animal control to locate her tomorrow…and I will make sure that they file charges against that person. I’m done. I would have brought her home if I could only have gotten her in the car. I will make sure she does not go back, and that they investigate any other animals she may have. sigh


    • I am still so ticked off…especially because I know this person..or thought I did. I will make sure that animal control pick her up tomorrow..even if I have to go stand there with her on the leash. sigh


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