Time to Relax and Rejoice

I am sitting, listening to Christmas music, hugging my dogs every five minutes. Aren’t dog hugs the best? There is a pot of chili bubbling on the stove, our Christmas Eve and day dinner, so I won’t have any more cooking to do. I will pop the apple pie in the oven later, to be topped with some whipped cream. The oven being on will help to warm the house too! I am going to take my laptop into my room, put a bunch of Christmas DVDs in one after another, lots of blankets for me and the dogs. I will look at my cute little tree, and be so grateful my heart may burst. I will not go to the negative, these thoughts will have no place to stay. I will rejoice at the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I will dance like no one is watching…except my dogs, and they love when “mommy” dances and sings.

I even bought myself a poinsettia. I’m glad I waited to buy one, they were only $1 today!


12 comments on “Time to Relax and Rejoice

  1. I like to cook enough for several days. The chili sounds good. I like chili but don’t make it. I should try sometime.
    I’ve never bought a poinsettia either. That would be fun too.
    You have a lovely Christmas planned. Enjoy!


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