Finally an Idea! Writer’s Block Stinks

The brain fog has lifted, and I have an idea for a post, but alas, I am too tired tonight to bring it to fruition. I will have the house to myself tomorrow. I will be free of distraction and will hopefully be able to piece it together in the morning. For now I am going to re post one of the first photos I put up when I started this blog.

"Raindrops on Poinsettia"


10 comments on “Finally an Idea! Writer’s Block Stinks

  1. I’m going to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal following. Even when I suck, even when I fall off the schedule, you are still there to say, “good deal”! I really admire that. I am not a very good community type person, but I thought an “atta girl” was in order. Thanks!

    That’s a nice photo. Did you use a Macro lens, or filters? Getting the light to work with water droplets is a pain. 🙂 I haven’t been out shooting in years. I used to go every other day. I need to get back out there… or in there. My studio isn’t heated this year. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it. I think it’s like 9 in there right now. Or maybe a little higher now that I have a little space heater. But it’s still blarney cold.


    • It is warmer here for sure. We hit the upper 50s today. The photo was taken last year with my little canon and no special lenses or lights. I use it on “Auto” because I know nothing about photography ha ha! Have a wonderful, happy, and safe new year. It’s been so good getting to know you here. Hugs


      • Thank you! You help me stay in touch with my inner “country girl”. The part of Michigan I grew up in is rather like the South– except for that blasted Yankee weather! 😉
        Oh, I’m no expert with a camera, but I do have some filters tucked in my camera bag. I just recently figured out what f-stops are, but I don’t know how to use them. I dream about getting a macro lens, but we’ll see. My biggest claim to fame is having a Canon Rebel. 🙂 Most of my “expertise” I borrow from my husband, who actually took classes, processed film, and had one of his photos on the cover of his year book! It wasn’t a portrait, either! It was a landscape that he claims was the fluke of a lifetime.

        Also, it’s hard not to pick up a camera when you live rock throwing distance from Chicago– and I LOVE architecture. I also LOVE nature–so I have a split personality. Some part of me is never happy being too urban, and if I spend too long in the sticks I start longing for an old immigrant built churches with incense, frilly vestments and fancy art. 🙂


      • This why I love where I live. I can go downtown and get that small country town feel, or drive ten minutes to the island for that “mini vaca” feel, and yet, every conceivable convenience is five minutes away. It’s a strange mix, that suits me well. I do occasionally miss the urban atmosphere, but not often.


      • That does sound wonderful! There is a park that I can walk to from my house that has the “wild woods” feeling, but I can’t get lost there. 🙂 Though if I wander off to Porter County, there is some real country stuff there. But we have to drive about 20-40 minutes to get there. Also, some of the Chicago-land parks on the South Side are remarkably wild. But the paved, single lane road-like trails kind of ruin the effect. 🙂


  2. Wonderful water droplets. Wishing you peace and words that flow. Thanks for being true and that is the most important thing. The words will come when you are ready. When people need them most. Your stories are inspiring. I am so glad we have connected here. Best wishes for you Kim on this New Years Eve! See you in 2014 Love


    • Well, it is gray and chilly out today if that makes you feel any better. Okay, well chilly for here is 55. You need a small vaca down this way sometime. We could hang out on the island, find the coffee places for you lol…


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