Getting All the Rough Life “Stuff” Done Early?

Happy New Year to me. I have been bombarded today by so many stressful issues, most of which, out of privacy for my family, I won’t post about. Seriously though, I need to find my peace today. I need to realize that I have no control over any of this. I will pray about it…already have, but will keep praying. I will breathe. I will release all the negative energy and draw in the positive. I may just need to nap. Sigh. Where’s the Tylenol? I hope all of you are having a blessed and peaceful New Years start. Hugs…to me.

"Trees in the Morning Mist"

“Trees in the Morning Mist”


23 comments on “Getting All the Rough Life “Stuff” Done Early?

  1. Well, yes I had a quiet new year – completely alone, in fact! My son is with friends beachside, & it’s just him & me. I’m thinking I’d prefer this to the stress you speak of. I do hope things settle. A shaky start, but it’s only the start 🙂


    • Thanks..yes, I’m hopeful that it is just getting it “out of the way”…I’m fine. I just need to remain in my little world and realize I can’t control or help everyone. I’m glad that it was quiet for you. It was quiet here also…too quiet as I have a “husband” in the house, but most of the issues I am dealing with in regards to family is happening 1200 miles away.


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