Chilly Night, Warm Photograph

With no idea what I would like to write about this evening, I decided to just post one of my sunset photographs from earlier in the fall. A reminder that warmer temps are around the corner, hopefully.


15 comments on “Chilly Night, Warm Photograph

    • Yes, Ruth it does. I have no room to complain as others are truly freezing and have snow. We are just getting our second bout of near freezing temps starting tonight. We made it through December fairly warm. It’s nice knowing that in about 8 weeks it will feel like summer here. I hope you are feeling better today…I think of you often. Hugs


    • It is not warm here tonight lol…that photo was taken a couple months ago. I just needed a reminder of “warmth”. We are going to be down into the 30s here tonight, cold according to my Southern blood! 🙂


      • We get a couple of months where it can get into the 20s, and on rare occasions into the teens. What I love about it is that it doesn’t last long. We will be back in the 70s and 80s by early March.


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