The Dark and The Light

I honestly can’t write anything uplifting at the moment. I am in a funk of darkness and light…it is a battle. I don’t want to have a “pity party” for many reasons, mostly because they suck. No one wants to be invited to a pity party, there are no gifts, no balloons, and definitely no upbeat, fun music to dance to. So, I won’t go there. I know it’s just that I am exhausted, and need to revive, regroup, and any other “re” s you can think of to throw in there.

I’m also fighting the (w)itch in me that wants to just rant about so many things. She is the one, if allowed to speak right now, will probably regret most of what comes out of her mouth/fingers, so I won’t allow her to vent either.

Anyway, without whining or “witching” I am left with not much at all to say at the moment. I am grateful to those who were concerned, and even noticed, my lack of posts for a couple of days. You make me feel cared for…thank you.

As I did in the following photograph, I will focus on the light, no matter how much darkness I feel surrounds me.

"Storm Reflection"

“Storm Reflection”


17 comments on “The Dark and The Light

  1. Sit down with the darkness and write toward the light. Step away and reflect… If you’re not enlightened just hit delete and repeat the process. I trust you will work through it and come out stronger,


  2. I have written on a few occasions that it is my blog and I can write what I want to , rant if I want to because it’s my blog. I censor myself often because my kids and my hubby read my blog. I now have a secret blog that I vent on, no one that I know reads it and I get all of my fears, my anxieties and my stresses out of my head. It helps, it is great to have friends and family support your blog but sometimes you have to get stuff out and not have to worry about how it will impact your loved ones. I get how you feel. 🙂


  3. Kim, sometimes ranting is good for the soul. It clears out the cobwebs that may be putting you into that funk, as you call it. I think most people who read your blog would be interested in what you want to speak out against and about.


    • How kind of you. I do need to learn to stop self-regulating for the sake of others. I just don’t want to sound like a whiner. I was taught to “buck up” and deal, you know? I am just going through a lot of changes, and like transition during labor, it can be painful. 🙂


  4. Just keep ‘vocalising’ – you know it helps you. And from these responses, it’s obvious that there are those who will give you more positive help than merely putting your black thoughts into (limited, in this case) words. Nothing at all is worse than being alone – and you are not!


  5. I like your attitude, focus on the light! That is what I do. I have my own darkness to fight. I think we all do. I rarely blog about mine. Sometimes it sneaks in here and there. It helps me more to post things about the light. I like to think of myself as a light warrior. I have idea if that is true, but makes me feel good and helps me stay focused.
    Your picture and perfect for your blog. Great combination.
    Hang in there. hugs


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