Inspiration Please, Need to Write?

Okay, so it’s not going to be an inspiring post. I can deal with that.

I spent most of the day using duct tape, a staple gun, and some large plastic bags to seal up the endless drafts in this house. I still have a few to do tomorrow before the temps drop into the teens and twenties for the first time here in almost a decade. I also dusted, swept floors, mopped, washed dishes, cooked dinner, and cared for the dogs.

Luckily, it was around 65 this afternoon, so there was time to soak up some sun and warmth. I do wish I had thought to take my camera out back for a few minutes, but alas, I didn’t.

I still need to take down my little Christmas tree, but each time I say I’m going to, I come into my room at night and put the lights on again. It’s nice having it up. As I’m praying for something really good to write, or the opportunity to get out and snap some photos (probably next weekend), I will just have to dig through my older photos.

I pray everyone stays safe and warm, no matter where you are. Hugs and Peace!

Click on any photo for the much better slide show view!


20 comments on “Inspiration Please, Need to Write?

  1. I’m trying to envision where you live because you mention 65 degrees and that the temperature is going to drop drastically. We got 3 inches of snow here in northern Tennessee last night and the temperature isn’t supposed to get above the single digits.

    I hope all your hard work with insulation keeps you warm and happy.


  2. Stay warm! My heart goes out to all the people facing below zero temperatures. We’re supposed to get below freezing as well here in FL. Hard winter.. And, good for you for leaving the tree up as long as you enjoy it.


  3. I have tried putting weather strips around my doors to blook out the cold however, I have found using a lap blanket and throw it over the top of the door and down the side of the door where it closes (with the blanket tucked in) has been my best fix that I have found. I also curl a towel up like a snake and put it across the bottom of the door. This really helps! Windows however, are another matter. But since I have been using the blankets, I haven’t had to bother with my windows.


    • I put the rolled up towels at the bottom of the doors also, and I weather stripped them last year, but the cold air that pours down from the attic and up from the floors doesn’t help. At least it will only be one or two nights. We’ll be fine…me and the dogs may be bunking together. I don’t normally let them sleep in my room or my bed, but we may need each other for warmth.


  4. These are amazing photos. The tree with all of the hanging vines is my favorite.
    Hope you get everything nice and snug for the cold weather.
    I am grateful our little apt has double pane windows as it warms everything up warm and toasty even in the winter sun, and we can keep the heat turned.


    • This house was built in 1950, no insulation, and most of the windows are sash, or no windows at all just storm windows. The concrete slab underneath, and no carpeting doesn’t help either lol. Lot’s of clothing to wear to bed Monday and Tuesday. It’s all good, at least I have a home. I’m tempted to go out and check the streets Monday night…I have a spare room at the moment. I would hate to know anyone is sleeping outside in this. sigh


  5. You stay warm, too! I can’t believe it will be that cold in Brunswick! We may get a high of 5 degrees and wind chill of -30 degrees by Tuesday here in North Georgia. They’ve already closed the schools, although one school building may be open for people who don’t have adequate heat. By the way, our Christmas tree is still up, too.


    • I know, it’s insane that it is going to get that cold here. Luckily it’s only supposed to be Tuesday, but we’ll see. We are supposed to have a low of around 20, not counting wind chill, and a high of 35. I like my tree, and who cares. I’ll take it down at some point. It’s not like it will take me long. πŸ™‚


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