How Much Do We Know? Does it Matter?

The age of unlimited communication is upon us. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, chat, blogs and many other forms of communication have infiltrated our lives, for better or for worse.

Without ever having to meet face-to-face we are allowed glimpses into other people’s lives. We read about their families, their jobs, their pets, and too many times, what they ate for dinner. (I’m having chili again) We read about their failed relationships, their financial woes, their amazing vacations, their amazing spouses and beyond amazing children, and so much more.

I have “met” and made friends with some truly amazing people here on WordPress, and through Facebook. One of my dearest friends  is someone I have never been in the same room with. She lives in France, and somehow, over the airwaves and with the help of Skype, we have become the closest of friends. There are people who have shown their true caring selves by helping me, a virtual stranger, when I needed someone most. I found this out a while back, when my favorite blanket was left in a New York motel room and later “rescued” by a wonderful person here on WP, and more recently by another blogger who offered to help me through a rough time with some financial aid. These are the people we get to “know” by their actions.

I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character. I can read people’s faces, look into their eyes, and know what kind of person they may be, most of the time. In real life, this kind of evaluation is easier, but how well do we ever know the people we meet here in the “air”?

I always look for the good in people, but how much of what we see and read on the internet is “real”? How much is true? I am honest in real life and on the internet (if you choose to believe me), maybe revealing too much about myself at times.We all have skeletons in our closets, and should probably stay there, but when you are reading my blog, or looking at my Facebook page, this is me.

Is it naive to believe what people post on the internet? Are we being too cynical if we choose to believe that none of it is true? If you are anything like me, you choose to ride somewhere in the middle. You somehow know who you can trust, and who is full of…well, you know. But even the wisest, most perceptive of us, will at some time in our internet lives, realize that we have been duped. I guess in the end our internet relationships aren’t much different from those we have in real life. We are vulnerable when we let people in, no matter the mode of entrance. This is real life. We are taking chances, choosing to believe, and knowing that there is always the risk of being hurt or used.

I guess in the end, I will choose to believe the best in the people who cross my path. This is the only way I will discover those truly loving and caring people I treasure so much. As for the others? They will show up now and again, but that is when “delete” and “block” become the necessary tools of life in the “air”.

"Walking my Favorite Beach"

“Walking my Favorite Beach”


24 comments on “How Much Do We Know? Does it Matter?

  1. Without risk, there is no reward. I don’t understand how some people can be so easily suspicious of mankind in general. I would like to think that for the most part we all are capable of kindness and altruism. I think that this community attracts wonderful people who want to share their creativity and their talents, and sharing is a wonderful virtue. When the foundation is solid, good things come from and are built upon that solid, strong base. I am so glad that you joined the WordPress community. 😀


  2. I tend to believe the best of people online and in person. I do that until they teach me that I can’t trust them. I like to think we are good and loving creatures. I know that is naive. But it is what I like.


  3. I think probably safe to say quite a high percentage is real. I am an optimist! Some obvious fakes are easily spotted, the ones to worry about are the professionals who can convincingly live with a made up personality and make us believe it.
    There is a place for e-friends but you can’t beat the real thing.
    Nice blog btw – I have enjoyed looking through it!


    • Thanks for commenting and the compliment Andrew! I agree. I am generally an optimist, and want to see the good in people. And yes, nothing beats real life friends!


  4. Kim, I think people with some intelligence can figure out from the words a person uses, just how ‘real’ their persona is here in cyber space. Yes, Skype helps because you can hear the voice and may even see the face in real time. I have yet to download Skype, mostly because I like my private space quiet, quiet enough to hear a pin drop. That’s just me.


  5. It IS tricky, Kim, this business of real vs bullshit. But it seems to me that people who post a lot, and aren’t afraid of revealing themselves to be less than perfect – not me, of course: I AM perfect! [grin] – would stand to gain nothing by putting up a false front. I mean, how much time are you going to waste developing a personality that isn’t yours within the blogosphere?


    • Yeah, I feel I’m a bit too open about my details at times, but I’ve always been a “risk taking rebel” lol…it’s all good! I pray you are well and warm today!


  6. In my wordpress experience I have, so far, met great people. I like reading about the everyday things that happen to people and I have been pleasantly surprised by the people I’ve met in the blog world.


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