Technologically Cursed Day

This has not been a good day to be on the computer.

I spent part of the day finishing up the “sealing of the house” in preparation for tonight’s unusually cold temps. I had some chili and figured I’d sit and play. Easy right?

Noooooo…first I had issues earlier today with Yahoo…which I had issues with a few years back, I was hacked, but thought hey, I’ll make a new account, no problem. It started acting weird while I was in chat today, saying my contact was not a contact, and that they were not online. Well, we were chatting at the time. I signed out and in, and it seemed fine. However, after having Yahoo for just a couple of days, my computer is acting really slow.

I ran a scan through McAfee and noticed it says, “Scanning root kit” stayed on this item, scanning for some time. I looked it up on the internet and freaked out. I started thinking I had a root kit virus, which is serious! I spent a couple of hours scanning, cleaning etc. only to find out that it is a regular scan item on McAfee. Why doesn’t it say, “Scanning FOR root kit”, instead of the way it is I already have the virus? (The word you are looking for is…”Aaanywaay”)

Then I decided to try to add a contact to my Skype, through the Windows 8 app which I always use for Skype. Well, I couldn’t find my main control panel for Skype no matter what I clicked on! Where is the little window? WTH…so I uninstalled Skype, went to their site, downloaded again…same issue. I give up. Whatever.

I am taking my meds, and going back to playing solitaire. Life goes on.


9 comments on “Technologically Cursed Day

  1. Isn’t it weird that technology can sometimes make things just so much more complicated.I wonder f it is more frustrating if you don’t know that much about computers or if it’s worse the more you know about them. I think that it’s best to walk away from the offending piece of equipment, which is precisely what you did, excellent! hugs 🙂


  2. I went off the computer about 7 years ago because of issues you are describing (plus I only had dial-up internet). It wasn’t until a year ago I went back onto the internet with an iPad (with help from family). I am so thankful not to have those issues anymore. I hope your issues are cleared up soon and I also hope and pray you are staying warm and toasty in this unusually bitter cold winter.


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