No Act too Small…Kindness Rocks!

As I was pondering what to write tonight, and simultaneously chatting with several people for the third time today, it came to me!


Yes, a simple word, a simple concept, but how rare is it in our society today? We can turn on the evening news or read the newspaper, and within a few minutes find ourselves wondering where this world is headed. The big question is always, “Can I make a difference?”

The answer is “yes” we can.

Now, I don’t have a plan to end world hunger, and I don’t know how to stop wars, but I can do something. I can show kindness…every single day. My good friend and fellow blogger Jr. and I were pondering this concept today, and we both agree it is truly easy to make a difference if we see the smaller pieces of the puzzle.

Many of us tend to look at the huge picture, whether it’s world hunger or wanting to stop all the violence that is so pervasive these days, and we get overwhelmed to the point of feeling there is nothing we can do to change things.

However, what would happen if we looked at each person who crosses our path today and see them as “the world”?

Did I change the world for the man in the Wal-Mart parking lot today just by asking if he needed help when I saw him changing a tire? Probably not, but the look on his face was priceless…Whether it was that a woman was asking him if he needed help with such a “manly” job, or that anyone would bother to put their own life on hold long enough to offer to help, I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is I felt a “nudge” and I listened to it. It took no more than 30 seconds.

I think many of us get these “nudges” and we need to listen to them. It may be something as simple as waiting the extra minute, okay, five minutes it takes for the little old lady to make it to the door of the supermarket, and yet, holding the door for her anyway…with a smile on our face even! We can lend an ear to that friend who calls in the middle of our busy day or just give a hug to someone who is feeling lonely. Tiny pieces of ourselves that can make the day better for someone else, and the best part of these simple acts? They make us feel good too.

You see…the smallest show of kindness may not change the whole world, but it may change something in the person we offer to help. It’s the “little boy and the starfish” story all over again, and which I reference here.

It doesn’t take much to touch another person’s life for the better, to make them smile or feel less alone. Let’s look outward, beyond ourselves every day, and pay attention to those little nudges of the heart. We can change our little part of the world…one person at a time.

Tiny Flowers

15 comments on “No Act too Small…Kindness Rocks!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! The blanket story was one for the records. It was not only an act of kindness between two strangers, but it was really special to me. There are several posts on my blog about the ‘blanket”. lol..


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