Cleaning House

I am cleaning house today.

No, not my home, which could use a day of cleaning, but I’m referring to myself.

I am cleaning out the “junk” inside of me and outside of me. This included deactivating my Facebook account. It will only be activated once a week or so to check on my kids and a couple of good friends. I originally signed up for it to stay connected with my kids, and then it went the usual route. Connecting with old friends, people who I thought were friends, old classmates etc. Then it was on to Facebook games, oh such a waste of time. Lately I find when logging on there, that it is just so much junk. The same posts over and over, the same drama, the same whiners. Yes, there are family members and friends I want to stay connected with, but it will have to be through another source.

I am to the point that I want nothing in my life that does not nourish my mind, my body and my soul. The negative must be eliminated in whatever form it may come.

Yes, Facebook is just one “closet” of my housecleaning, but I am working on many other rooms also. What I watch on television, what I listen to, and the people I allow into my “house” shall be only positive. All of these must feed my spirit, my soul, my mind and my heart. This does not mean that everyone must be happy all the time to be in my life, but the constantly negative, constantly feeding off of me people, those who give nothing back are those who must be kept at a distance or removed all together. It is necessary for my own health.

Dusty cobwebs of regret, doubt, fear, anxiety and all the rest will be swept out and replaced by clean, uplifting, and soothing thoughts, sounds, and sights. Drama will only be found in entertainment form, if I so choose. Hidden toxins can destroy the soul.

All that we expose ourselves to will cling to us in the most insidious form if we are not careful. What may seem innocent and harmless can be like dripping water on a mountainside…It may not seem like much, but it can eventually leave a hole in the hard, strong rock.

Has it taken over five decades to come to all this “wisdom”? No, it has accumulated bit by bit over all these years. Now it is time for me to take action, to work toward the creation of the life I envision for myself, and it starts by cleaning out what doesn’t work.

It’s time to take up my dust rag and broom, open the windows to air out the bad…and begin creating.

What might you want to clean out of your “house”?

I had to ask myself a few questions:

*What am I getting out of this?

*Is it adding to my life, or taking away from it?

*Does it make me feel uplifted or does it just make me sad, tick me off, or steal time?

*Is it filling me or draining me?

These questions do not just apply to Facebook. They can apply to any situation, any habit, any person we allow into our realm, our “home” of self. And yes, I could ask many others, but you get the point. I am going to watch the rest of this travel program on PBS, and then maybe read for a while…or maybe…just nap. I will listen and do whatever my body, my mind, and my soul need tonight.

"Surf Wading"

“Surf Wading”


19 comments on “Cleaning House

  1. Sometimes you just have to do what you’ve got to do. And I agree about Facebook. I periodically make a statement (even though it’s usually aimed at one or two violators) that I will be unfriending anyone who ‘shares’ more than three things a day that they did not personally write or photograph. I had a sister-in-law that NEVER wrote one word, but shared a minimum of ten totally unrelated idiotic things a day. One day she hit twenty of them. A religious one was literally followed by a photo of a dildo. I made my husband scroll through all her crap so he could back me up when I dumped her.
    More power to you!


    • Thanks for your support. Habits can be tough to break, even when they are bad for us. I’m working on it! I so agree with you…I see the same junk every day on there, and yes, I have a few friends who post nothing but stupid sayings and photos. It’s junk. I need a bit more intellectual stimulation lately. 🙂


  2. Good for you Kim. My therapist told me to stay away from my sister because she was TOXIC! I took her advice and didn’t talk to her for a year. That helped me find such a wonderful peace of mind that I so desperately needed. We started talking again when her daughter died and my brother asked me to go over to her house and be with her so she would not be alone. So we “occasionally” talk on the phone and occasionally go out to eat together, but if she goes back to her old ways, I’m gone.


  3. Here I’ve been absent for a week or so and you’ve come to a revelation! I don’t ever deactivate my FB account, but I can go for weeks without checking it. Just not much important going on, and for those I care about, there’s always the phone. I hope we can find some way to stay in touch, Miss Kim. Congrats to you on your cleaning house mission. 😀


  4. That last one works great for me, “Is it fulfilling me or draining me?” Great way to pick.
    I have FB. I use it as a tool to promote my photos. I don’t play games there. I try to post something positive each day.
    Sounds like you are on a wonderful path.


  5. Good for you! I am behind you 100%! I have had to delete people on my facebook not because they were negative but they posted way too much and too often. I now only use facebook for my close family members.


    • Yes, I may go back and make a list of “close friends” and just delete the rest. I am determined to live at peace and happy! If this pisses people off…well, that is their own lack of peace. 🙂


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