Monday, Monday…

Not having a job outside of the home makes weekends just something that others look forward to.  A day is a day to me. Time is a made up concept that puts so much stress on us, yes it’s “necessary” to make it to work, or the doctor’s on time, but other than that, this is the only moment that really exists, outside of time as we perceive it.

Now that I’ve rambled on about nothing of substance, I am off to eat the lovely piece of fish I picked up earlier. I am taking Dr. Wayne Dyer into bed with me, and curl up with him. This moment is fine. I have all that I need for this day and this moment.

All the rest will be whatever the universe decides, with or without my help.

It is sunny, 64 degrees out, the dogs are here to keep me company. I will center myself, meditate, breathe…BE.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Have I told you I love you all so much? Well, I do.

Sunrise and Shadows

Sunrise and Shadows


11 comments on “Monday, Monday…

  1. Time seems to be deceiving these days. I find myself at my best at the odd hour of 11pm. During the morning hours I shuffle around the house half asleep like a zombie.

    Just out the curiosity, who or what is Dr. Wayne Dyer?


    • Dr. Wayne Dyer is the bald guy you see doing seminars on PBS. He is a spiritual teacher and has really changed my life with his approach to bettering ourselves through enlightenment! I love his books.


  2. I find it to be so interesting that our concept of time has been changed so many times over the years when we have adopted this calendar and then that one. Some have had mistakes in them and the current one needed to fabricate leap year to resolve the inconsistency. Time is time, something that we want to control but can we really?


  3. Such a lovely day. I like Dyer. I met him years ago when we were young. My ex has the self published book he was selling.
    It was a lovely day here. I went for a photo walk.
    I love you too.


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