English, the craziest language in the world

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english1I work with quite a few people who did not grow up speaking English.  I study with a teacher born and raised in China, who then moved to Paris for a number of years before coming to the United States.  When her “Chinglish” doesn’t get her point across, she tries French before resorting to telepathy, charades and suggestions from her class.

To all of you non-native speakers, I salute you for trying to communicate in the most difficult and convoluted language in the world.  I don’t know this absolutely, but I love languages and have dabbled in Spanish, German, Russian, Latin, Greek and now Mandarin Chinese.  I can easily tell you that English is nasty compared to the others.  You have taken on quite a challenge, and I applaud you.

Years ago I copied this content from a website whose URL has been long forgotten.  If it’s from your site…

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