Nothing to Write Wednesday

Once again I am in a complete writing fog. I have had a lot on my mind, but most of it so muddled that writing has been impossible.

I hope to be doing better by next week. I have a minor surgical thing on Friday, and that should help to clear my head some.

So far this month has been pretty blah in regards to my writing and photography. I hope to pick up the pace soon, and that you will all bear with me. I truly appreciate all of you who take the time to stop by, read, comment, or just check in with me. Onward and upward…or should that be up”word”. I sure hope so. How do people who have to write every single day manage it?

Here’s a picture of my rescue, Casey Anne…It has taken almost three years with me for her to overcome all the abuse she suffered. She still has some issues, but it seems she is finally coming out of her shell. I love her so much! Hugs all!

I can't believe how healthy she looks now. She never stays still long enough for a clear photo.


26 comments on “Nothing to Write Wednesday

  1. Casey Anne is cool name. I like it. It’s nice she is coming out of her shell at. She is lucky you came along.
    I always have trouble finding something to write about. That’s why there are such breaks between my blogs.
    I hope all goes well with the surgery. God bless.


  2. She’s cute. I have a writing fog often. Whenever it hits I either use the daily prompt or look at the newspaper headlines. Very occasionally I have a big burst of inspiration for several posts so I write those down for when they’re needed.


  3. Good on you for rescuing Casey, Kim!- she looks just great. She’s probably better than you, from time to time. But on the other hand, when you’re up, you can let her have some of your joy, eh?


  4. You’re doing fine with this blog as is, Kim. Little pieces and a single great photo is enough! The worst thing you could do is force it so much that you hate working on your blog. Great shot of Casey!


    • Exactly what I was thinking about “forcing” myself Mark..thanks. The blog has really done well in my almost three months, and I have been blessed by this. I don’t want it to become something I don’t enjoy either! And thanks..Casey is very difficult to photograph, she is never still!


  5. I hit that “fog” rather regularly. I usually end up tossing out something silly at those times. I have no doubt you’ll break through soon and produce more great writing! Hope the health thing resolves in a positive way. Peace . . .


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