Hopeful Healing

Hey ya’ll! I am healing and hoping to be up and “running” in a couple of days.

The surgery went well, though a little tougher than anticipated. I won’t scare you with all the intimate details, but let’s just say, the area where I had this procedure done makes it hard to sit for long, and I’m not good at typing on my side. (I can imagine what ya’ll are imagining right now) Let’s not go there.

The word you are looking for is…”aaaanywaaay”.

I am looking forward to getting out this next week and taking some new photographs. It has been way too long! I am also hoping that as I heal I will come up with a wonderful, exciting, intriguing blog post…okay, anything to blog about would be good at this point!

May I just gush over ya’ll once again? I am so touched and blessed to have found so many wonderful and caring folks here at wordpress. I never thought it would be this way here. I love you! Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Pier at Sunset

Pier at Sunset



16 comments on “Hopeful Healing

  1. Hugs back your way and I am happy surgery is over, and am sending good vibes for a quick healing.
    Hug snack your way and beautiful sunset.


    • Hugs Joy…I will be! God is so good…The people who did the surgery didn’t charge me for it..how cool is that? They knew I was overly concerned with how I would manage it. I love when God does things like this…reminding me how much He loves me!


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