Beautiful Weather Today…

It was amazingly warm today, around 65, sunny and breezy.

I had planned to go out and shoot some photographs, however, after running a couple of errands, my body told me it was too soon to be doing much more. I got tired very quickly.

I have enjoyed this day so much…just relaxing since I got home, listening to some great music and watching the dogs playing out back. I hope you all have had a wonderful Monday!


10 comments on “Beautiful Weather Today…

  1. Such beautiful weather there and I love the green, Reminds me that Spring is right around the corner.
    Sweet doggies look like they are having fun.


  2. I love the pictures. All the green makes me happy! I am missing green these days. lol. It was nice here today too. Not so much tomorrow. The high is 30 and snow is a possibility. hahaha What fun. NOT!


    • Jr. our high tomorrow is only going to be in the 40s I think, so today needed to be treasured. I have heard some areas near here may even get some snow on Wed. I will have to keep watch. If we get even a flurry it won’t last. I have done much better with my moods since moving here…the sunshine and green winters help!


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