I Will NOT Entertain Negative Thoughts and Anger

I try my best not to hold on to anger. Being angry is like drinking poison trying to hurt another. However, there are times when it is difficult to say the least.

We came home from an errand a while ago and when I went to feed the dogs Casey did not want to go into the kennel…I let her eat where she was and then inspected the kennel for the cause of her hesitation. It only took a moment for me to find that she had had an accident while we were gone. She must have had an upset stomach as it was really messy. When I had tried to call her to me earlier she had cowered away from me, and until I found her “mess” I thought maybe she was injured. Once I found what she had done I realized that she was afraid of getting in “trouble”. I seldom let my mind wander to the evil one who abused her before we adopted her, and then I am reminded of the trauma she suffered when she is so afraid to come to me…after three years with us. sigh…I will find my center, comfort my dog, and give her clean blankets…I will not let the anger come. I won’t.

I believe there is a special hell just for animal abusers.


21 comments on “I Will NOT Entertain Negative Thoughts and Anger

  1. Ohhh, the poor thing. She wants so much to be the perfect dog for you and then something like this happens. Is she feeling alright now? I hope so. My oldest cat, Miya, who I’ve had since she was a kitten, has hairball attacks often because of her long fur. Every time it happens, she won’t come near me or my husband until it’s cleaned up. Once cleaned up, she gets all lovey wanting to apology.


    • She is fine today…My heart breaks for her sometimes. She is so amazing..She survived so much and is so loving, well, loving with me anyway. We were never able to socialize her, but she has a good life here, and she and Cody are best buds. I tell her all the time how lucky I am to have found her. sigh


  2. I entirely agree, Kim! – a special, endlessly suffering, abandoned hell … If I were ever to come across someone hurting an animal, I know I’d wade in with passion. Happily, it’s never seen: these slimeballs are always secretive … As for Casey – all you have to do is think about what you’ve given her, and the anger will pass.


  3. Oh and I forgot. I haven’t been getting emails from some blogs that I am following that I have always gotten emails for. When I go into my reader (which isn’t often enough) they are in there but for some reason, I am not getting the emails of their new posts anymore. What’s up with that?


  4. She is cute and so very sad that someone abused her. The first time I took my dogs on a long trip, the first time I stopped for them to get out for a “potty break” my big dog, Princeton, acted like I was going to throw him out and leave him. It was so sad. I realized then what happened to him before I got him, he had been “dumped.” Of course now, he has no problems about getting out for his potty break and even looks forward to it, because he knows I am not going to “dump” him. Your little dog (actually both of your dogs) are lucky to have you as their owner!


  5. If you let your anger show, Kim, I think that would only cause dear Casey more stress and anxiety. It’s hard to let a rescue know they’re a good dog even when they have an unavoidable accident like poor Casey.


    • You read me too well…I thought of her picking up my “vibe” so I didn’t let myself get angry. I just comforted her and did my cheery, good dog voice…lots of hugs and treats. I felt so badly for her…I would never blame a dog for an accident, and she just looked so scared. sigh


    • I try so hard not to think about what she was put through..but days like this when she shows her PTSD I have to hold back from thinking too much about it. She is such a love…sigh


  6. That poor pup…so lucky to have you! It is terrible what people will do to an animal, for no reason. Makes me ill thinking about it. We all just have to do our part to keep these things from happening, whether it be spaying/neutering or fostering. Kim, I am so glad you found me! Somehow I “unfollowed” you…I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any notifications or why I hadn’t heard from you. So glad we are back in touch! Hugs!


    • I’m glad we are too Rosie…I guess it’s been happening to some folks on here…unfollowing me without meaning to..figures lol. I’m happy to hear from you today also…hugs!


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