Spring Cleaning, Writer’s Block and Good Sleep

The past few days have seen temps in the mid to upper 70s and has put me into spring cleaning mode. It feels good to be cleaning out, dusting off, windows open to the fresh air. We have some storms moving in today, and this too is welcome. I love storms! I will have to keep an eye out for extreme weather with this front, but that is par for the course down here. It makes for a good day of resting, reading, and if I can jump this block…some writing.

My sleep has finally settled into a nice pattern, no more watching dawn before sleep. I have fallen asleep very early each night, something that has never been “normal” for me, but has felt so good. Have I mentioned I need about 10 hours a night to feel right? Falling asleep around 8 or 9 each night and waking at 6 or 7 seems to be the perfect schedule for me. I feel incredible!

I am still sharing my time with Wayne Dyer’s Your Sacred Self and am loving the teaching. Reading this has taught me that a lot of what I thought was weird about me…my connection to others, my psychic experiences, and so much more..is really just enlightenment that I never recognized as such. Cool huh? I have always felt my spiritual side very strongly, but it was quelled so often by the “reality” people in my life. I now know that this side of me is what has made me strong and drawn people to me. I like that.

I pray you all have been well…I am far behind on my reading of posts and probably won’t backtrack to read them all. I will start from here.

I still haven’t gone out on any photo shoots, but here are a couple of “homestead” pics from the past few days. I wish I had been more steady with the dawn pic. Hugs all!


19 comments on “Spring Cleaning, Writer’s Block and Good Sleep

    • I have been up until 4 or 5 am for months…this is such a welcome change for me! Last night I was up till around 11, so I slept until 9 this morning…it feels good! I know how you feel hon…hugs.


  1. Kim, you and your good sleep. I’d be envious if I haven’t been being blessed with it lately. I’m the same, need about 10 hours or so. I often wonder how I used to live with just 3 or 4…probably why I used to be so darn cranky! Miss seeing you around…we need to find time to chat! Hugs!


    • I love my sleep! I have always been a night owl though. I don’t know what has changed, but I am now on an “old lady” sleep schedule…I fall asleep so early! It’s been good for me though…I feel great. Yes, we need to chat soon..it’s been tougher since I stopped hangin’ on Facebook.


  2. The reality people drive me bonkers. Of course they think I’m crazy so I guess we are even. hahaha Our Western culture frowns on things it can’t measure. It is a sad commentary on our society that people believe there gifts are ‘bad’ or ‘imaginary’ or whatever. We need balance. Some of both. Not all all one or the other.
    I’ve rambled enough. hugs


    • Ramble on! I have always had an awareness that others didn’t understand…Now I realize that my awareness is something they could benefit from. Calling out my mother’s name in the middle of the night and having her call me all the way from Alaska saying, “I heard you say my name”..has been a huge part of my life. Hubby laughs and is a bit frightened when I call him up on the road and tell him to take some Tylenol for that toothache lol 🙂


  3. Yes, I have writers block too. I posted a post for the Weekly Writing Challenge of Silence, and they didn’t put it on the reader. I don’t understand why. I have to have at least 8 hours sleep each night. The puppies look so content as they warm up!


  4. I love the picture of the puppies soaking up the sun, I love rubbing warm and toasty dog fur. When experiencing writer’s block, just sit down and start typing, something comes out believe it or not. Have you ever noticed that no one ever complains about a talking block? The daily prompts from WordPress help simply by asking a question, that has been my experience, anyway. 🙂


    • Yes, I love the dog’s warm bodies after sunning themselves. LOL @ “talking block”..I definitely don’t suffer from that! I like the prompts too, though I rarely use them..must be the non-conformist in me. Hugs


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