It’s a Mouse, It’s a Bug…NO! It’s a Rat!

For weeks now my dogs Cody and Casey have started barking when I put them in the kennel at night. I don’t normally let them out for barking, but being alone in the house I let them do their job and check the rooms. Every time I have let them out they run straight to the spot behind the toilet, then run madly around the house in “search” mode. I figured they had seen a mouse, or maybe even one of the rather large palmetto bugs (a nice word for a large, flying, cockroach), that share my abode.

Last night, as i settled into my bed they began again. Reluctantly I got up and let them out. They began the usual searching, and excited sniffing. I let them out the back door and sat on my bed to give them some time for a last-minute pee session. About ten minutes later, Casey had come back in, ready for bed…Cody was still outside. I turned on the light out back, and there was Cody…leaning over the body of a rather large RAT! Omgosh…I quickly got them back into their kennel, grabbed a bag and the shovel to dispose of the nasty looking rodent!

I began to wonder, rather nervously…was THIS what they had been barking at INSIDE my house??? I sure hope not. I pray they just got lucky out in the yard. EEEWWWW

Yes, the photographer in me thought for a second of snapping a photo of the deceased, but alas, NO!

12 comments on “It’s a Mouse, It’s a Bug…NO! It’s a Rat!

  1. I guess you could say that I have a phobia about mice, and it would stand to reason that it would also include rats. Because they carry the Bubonic plague, they are especially frightening to me. Having a pet that will go after such rodents is a blessing in my book.


  2. Thank you ever so much for your restraint; I remember encountering all too many of those rodents when I was ke(?) in sales (all too often when I glanced in the mirror). Let’s hope the boys made a successful preemptive strike.


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