Good Morning, No Chili, and Possum Hunting!

A lovely Saturday morning here in South Georgia.  I was hoping to make it to the Chili Cook-Off on the island today, but I woke a bit later than planned and hubby’s paycheck has not arrived yet. Oh well, I’m not as motivated as I would have liked anyway…so, here I sit with my tea and my “morning” music. It’s all good.

A bit of an update on the “rat” the dogs killed the other night. Last night I let them out and they started a maniacal barking fest by the fence. When I finally decided to go out and get them I found what they were barking at…there was a HUGE mama possum walking across the top of the fence, and that is when I realized that the victim I had found a few nights ago was not a rat, but a juvenile possum! I was kind of sad for a moment as Mama Possum sat looking at me from her perch. I guess I’m not as Southern as I thought if I don’t know the difference between a rat and a possum. Hmm

My health has still been up and down, but today is a good day…I’ll take it. In the moment.

Today’s quick thought…How much do you worry? What are you worrying about right now? I am the queen of worry, and it’s such a waste of time. Most of what I worry about either never happens or will happen and I just have to deal with it…worrying won’t change the situation. If I think back on all the tough times I have had to go through and that seemed like “the end of the world”, and I remind myself that I made it through. I survived whatever I thought was so tragic, and thinking back on some of them now, most weren’t half as bad as I had feared. If you are worried about something today…ask yourself this simple question, “How will this situation look five years from now?” Chances are the thing you are fretting about today won’t be as “big” as you think. It is what it is. Stay in the moment, count your blessings, and leave the rest to God. You are in good hands. Love, Peace and Hugs!

Squirrel Watch

Squirrel Watch


9 comments on “Good Morning, No Chili, and Possum Hunting!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was a little relieved to realize it was a possum…I love that my dogs are such good hunters in our tiny little yard, but sad at the loss when they catch “prey”. It’s in their nature though, they are both terrier mixes too.


  1. Sending prayers and good vibes for your heart problems.
    I get anxious a lot about finances and making it through the month so I guess that is worry.
    Hope this week os a good one for you.


  2. You read so much more maturely these days, Kim – it’s wonderful to see! Without any idea of where the extra maturity came from, I’m confident it will be of great assistance to you in your daily life. Keep it up! 😀


    • Concern is one thing, worry is another. I have to remind myself constantly to stay in the moment…right now, I am fine..the rest will work itself out. 🙂


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