Creating Your Reality

We often hear that fear is the opposite of faith, and I believe that is true. You cannot have faith and fear in the same moment. Beyond that simple statement is the fact that we can choose what we want to bring about in our lives by choosing our thoughts.

I relate so well to the biblical account of Job, a man blessed with so much and yet, living in constant fear of losing it. There is much to be learned in reading of our dear friend Job, but the verse that is on my mind today is Job 3:25 “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.”

Is it possible that Job’s focus and attention brought his fears to fruition? I think so. Whether you are looking at this from a religious standpoint or a scientific one doesn’t matter, they are not at odds really. It is all about perception. I won’t get into all of the scientific or religious aspects of belief. I would rather keep it simple.

What we choose to give our energy to will become our reality. We are co-creators of our lives. If we focus on hate, we bring hate into our lives, focus on love and we bring love, it is that simple. Job’s mind was consumed with fear of loss, and he lost it all. 

On days like today, when my mind is tempted to give attention to all of my fears and the “what ifs” of life, it is not easy. I will need to shift my focus and my thoughts from fear to faith, knowing I will create the outcome. Think it into creation, speak it into reality. I will refuse to give in to fearful thoughts. I will create my reality. I will dream of what is becoming real. 


14 comments on “Creating Your Reality

  1. We create our worlds through our thoughts and actions. I agree with you totally. What I put energy (mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical) into is what happens. Cool blog.


  2. Great post! I have always felt that fear IS, in fact, FAITH. There is only faith – when one applies that faith to the likelihood of a negative or hurtful outcome, we call it fear. Either way, it’s believing – whether we are believing the lies of our worried minds or believing that we will be OK is what determines the impact of our faith on our lives. That’s just my unsolicited thoughts about faith 😉 not right or wrong. Peace . . .


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