Prayers Answered, Peace, and a Touch of Cold Weather…

I am truly blessed and thankful to all of you who have kept us in prayer, sent healing light and good thoughts. Today was an awesome day, many prayers answered. I thank my sweet Father in heaven for loving me so much and watching over me. These past few weeks have been tough to say the least. You would think I would have learned to trust more by now…Hmm, maybe that’s why He keeps giving me these tests. I will pass the test when I am able to remain peaceful through the storm…easier said than done, but I’m learning.

Here’s a quick update: The roofing company that Hubby was working for basically just blew him off. We figured they just used him to do all of their paperwork and computer set-up, get their payroll going smoothly, and were finished with him. That’s cool.

I woke this morning quite freaked out knowing he had no work prospects. He ran to the corner store for me, came back home and went right out the door again, not saying a word. I thought nothing of it until he didn’t return. I looked out and noticed the car gone. Hmm

About an hour later he comes in the house with paint smeared on his forearm…he got a job! He had run into the landlord while at the store and told him about the busted job, and basically begged the guy to put him to work and HE DID! I was so relieved when he told me…my body tension had been so much that it suddenly felt like a puppet whose strings had been cut. I could breathe!

It won’t be much money of course, but working for the landlord gives me some peace..I mean, I don’t think I need to worry about him booting us out right? Yaaaay!

Hubby also had a really good job prospect with ATT…He has an appointment for a test at the end of April. I am so excited about this, please add this to your prayer list..thanks. This would give him a solid career, not just a job…such a blessing for us.

I spent most of the day just putting around the house. I have been so anxiety ridden that there is much to catch up on here, but I’m enjoying just breathing right now…the rest will get done. It is supposed to be getting really chilly by morning, and I am more grateful than ever to be sitting here in our humble and warm home. It’s all good. I really appreciate ya’ll so much…Love, Hugs, and Peace!





19 comments on “Prayers Answered, Peace, and a Touch of Cold Weather…

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  2. Prayers always get answered, and this time they got answered in a way that was positive for you. I hope you are able to shake out some of that anxiety and get back to basics. Sometimes it’s those basics that keep us moving (ya know, household chores, taking pictures, blogging, playing with the dogs, etc). Much love to you, Kim! ((hugs!))


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