Grateful, Fed, Medicated and Updated!

I am so beyond grateful today. Now don’t get me wrong I have tried to keep an attitude of gratitude though all of this, but today rocks!

We finally got food stamps! WOOOT! I am so happy it is hard to describe. It’s not that we were starving, but one more baloney sandwich would have put me over the edge. It was so much fun to go to the store today and not have to decide what I would leave behind. I got milk and eggs and meat..oh my!  We will be feasting in the Hood household tonight. Thank you Lord!

I went for my therapy appointment yesterday, and as you can probably surmise, it was a bit rough. I had my first appointment with the therapist and it was a teary one for sure, and the crying jag carried over to my appointment with the med doctor who suggested upping my Paxil. I didn’t argue with him. I’m hoping it will help with some of the anxiety attacks I have dealt with lately.

I am trying so hard to stay in the moment, in THIS day, not worrying about tomorrow. I am a bit concerned with the dogs having fleas and no real course of action…Dawn baths coming this week, laundry and vacuuming. It is the best I can do for them for now. Please pray about this with me. These dogs mean so much to me, and I want them comfortable and well. Thanks!

I am off to read for a bit before starting some baked chicken and rice for dinner. I can’t wait to smell it! I’m sure hubby will appreciate the aroma when he comes in from work. Yeah…it’s all good.

*Update* I forgot about the biscuits I bought…Oh my goodness..I do believe that heaven smells like fresh baked biscuits. My cup runneth over.

My kitchen curtains, just because.

My kitchen curtains, just because.




12 comments on “Grateful, Fed, Medicated and Updated!

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if WordPress had a smell app so that you can tease your friends with the aromas coming from your kitchen 😉 🙂 Having something new to cook is always exciting!


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