Playin’ With Possum

My dog’s Cody and Casey have been teased and bothered by a rather large possum for some months now. Well, I am sad to say that tonight they got their payback. A while ago both dogs started barking and whining to go out…I opened the back door and not even two seconds later they had the poor animal in a tug of war…I quickly got both dogs back in the house. I ventured back out to check on the possum who was still in the same spot they had dropped it. I made a bit of noise and it opened its eyes and looked at me. I was very cautious approaching it, wanting to see if it could walk. It finally waddled away, looking as if it is a female with a full pouch. I am so sad. I won’t let the dogs out again until the yard has been thoroughly searched.

It is very hard to let nature take its course at times, but I feel it’s best not to intervene unless I have to. I am going  back out there before bed to see of there is any sign of the possum. I shall pray in the meantime that it’s injuries are minor and that God will lead it out of the yard. Sigh…


6 comments on “Playin’ With Possum

  1. Kim,

    We have possums here at the house. I know they are usually meek and don’t mean any harm, but… I hate them. To me they look like giant furry rats. Just thinking about them makes me cringe.


    • I don’t care for them either…and yes, they are just giant rats! This one did manage to get back out of our yard, so I am hoping she was okay.


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