All is Forgiven

This is one of my favorite blogs..I sit down with my tea each morning, and follow along with Celi as she lives her day to day on the farm. Fantasic.


Yesterday morning I was in a right grump. It was cold and raining and COLD and RAINING. I know it is bad to be in a grump about it being cold and raining with so many of you in California in a terrible drought but I was grumpy. Logic plays no part in grumpiness.  sun-came-out-063

So I jammed my legs into my clown suit and my hands led my arms in a mood through my jacket and I stomped into my boots and out I went to do chores and yell at the dogs who were too bloody cheerful for my liking.  sun-came-out-057

But then after lunch the sun came out…sun-came-out-010

and  the bees came out and are already gathering pollen from the dandelions …sun-came-out-004

and the pigs came out to graze..


and I dug the weeds for the Plonkers (your header shot) and all was forgiven.  Cold is OK if…

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