Fighting the Plague, Baby Bird Rescue, and Food Stamps Buy Plants!

I am still battling the plague of the fleas. The house is not bad, but my poor dogs are suffering. The spot on treatments and baths in Dawn have done basically nothing. I have now switched to all of the natural methods I can find.

I started them on brewer’s yeast tablets and chopped garlic about a week ago. I also have lemon water that I am using as a spray and wipe deterrent on their bodies. My next step is to make a home-made shampoo using  baby shampoo and cedar wood essential oil. We shall see how this works. It can’t be any worse than using all the nasty chemicals which aren’t working anyway.

This morning hubby looked out and noticed Casey staring intently at something on the ground. We finally saw a fledgling bird jumping up out of the grass. I managed to catch it and after a once over, realized it was not injured, so I placed it over the fence into my neighbor’s backyard. I really didn’t know what else to do. I’m not very experienced with nursing birds. It appeared to be just learning to fly. I am going to do some more praying that nature will take whatever course it would have without my knowledge.

Finally…I am so excited! I read a while back that EBT/Snap benefits, a.k.a. food stamps, can be used to buy vegetable seeds and plants! I was very hesitant to try it, seeing as I had never known anyone who had, but I was very pleased after going through the check out with a tomato plant and it worked! Why don’t they advertise this amazing use of our benefits? Most folks I know had no idea we could do this. It would save us so much of our benefits that are spent on fresh produce. I am so happy. I went back and got a couple more plants and will get them planted later today! Way cool.

Have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful day! Hugs



6 comments on “Fighting the Plague, Baby Bird Rescue, and Food Stamps Buy Plants!

    • Thanks Mark..I am feeling a bit better lately. I am not sure how well the treatments are working, but it seems there is less scratching going on. I still have to try the shampoo..I hoping that the brewer’s yeast tablets are making difference.


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