Homeless, Scared, and Trying to Fund Home…

The title says it all…well, all I can say for now I guess. I’m scared. Am being evicted as of this coming Wed. Hubby is going his way, and I am going mine. I have a temporary place to stay, but it is not an ideal situation. My brother wants me to come back to Mass. He has stage 4 prostate cancer, and is on disability. He wants to pay for me to come home when he gets his next check, but I don’t want him to have to do that, so I am trying to raise donations to get me home. If I can’t raise enough to get home yet, the funds will help me to stay off of the street, and buy me some time. I know it is a lot to ask, and please, if you can’t help I understand. I want no one to feel badly. If you can’t help personally, it would help if you could repost the link for me on social media.  I am truly blessed by you all caring so much for me. Now, I guess you know why I have been so absent lately. Life is tough, but so am I. I will make it with God’s help. Hugs, love and peace.




8 comments on “Homeless, Scared, and Trying to Fund Home…

  1. Where are you? Did you get home to your brother? Would love to talk to you, this life is such a struggle and we all could use help from time to time.


    • Is this my Dubs? Hey hon, no, I never made it home and am still homeless…I’m sorry for your recent loss. I pray God brings you quick healing and peace…Love you girl.


  2. Does your city have a 211 line? Like 411, it gives information about help for emergency situations. Also, a good number of churches have benevolent funds for your purpose, your local food bank may also know of places to go for assistance. It will take some phone calls, but, praying that God will open the door to the help you need..


    • Thanks so much! This city is dried up as far as resources go…I may try to make my way to Savannah. I’ve been researching and it looks like a better chance of emergency shelter.


  3. Kim, I really don’t think it would be the wrong thing to do for your brother to pay your way back. He obviously cares and really, it’s his money to spend. Please consider it!


    • I am probably going to do that Rose, but I still need to make it until then…so two weeks survival is needed. If I could get into the motel for that time it would be good, but don’t know how.


  4. Reblogged this on RosieSmrtiePants and commented:
    A good friend of mine going through some hellaciously bad times. If you can’t help, please Tweet, reblog, FB, anything. She could really use the help. This could happen to any one of us.


    • Thanks dear Rose..I got a call from my brother today…he had a stroke! It may be a while before I can get home now. I pray he is okay. I will not have a home as of Wed. but I will try to stay in touch. Hugs


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