Homeless Day 46…NOT HOMELESS!

So much has happened since my post just three days ago.

I mentioned having seen my therapist last week. Well, I had already applied for what is called, Shelter Plus Care, through the place where I go for therapy. The program provides housing and support for people in treatment for many issues, including mental health. After visiting my therapist, she went and spoke with the housing case worker…and yesterday I got a call saying that they had a place for me! Most folks wait years on these lists for housing, so I know it was my therapist and God Himself who made this happen.

Sadly, I can’t take my dog, Cody with me, so I am now desperately trying to find a place for him. I refuse to take him back to the shelter…I know that God will help me with this also.

But, back to the happy stuff! I was told to come in at 9am this morning to fill out the paperwork for housing, thinking that it would be a few days, maybe longer, before I could move in…guess what? I got done with the paperwork, and the lady says, “Hold on while I make a copy of your key”!! I was handed a KEY to my new apartment! Are you kidding me? She placed that little gold (yes, gold) key in the palm of my hand, and I just lost it. The joy and disbelief that this struggle was finally over stunned me and the tears flowed and flowed.

I left there and drove right over to the complex. I pulled into the drive, and parked in front of MY building, walked up the stairs and a tear slipped out as I put the key into MY door…and walked into MY apartment…Ohmygosh…there really isn’t any way to describe the feelings  that flowed through me as I walked in…looking at the kitchen, the bedroom, the little balcony and repeating, “No way…is this really MY home Lord”? My face hurts from smiling.

I still have the little “bump” to get over with the dog…and will need some help with money for car insurance, gas and food, until I find work,  but the rest is covered. I AM GOING HOME.

Here comes the sun do do do do…here come the sun I say, it’s alright…..




12 comments on “Homeless Day 46…NOT HOMELESS!

    • Many many happy dances~ I am so blessed by all of you…ya’ll helped me so much this past two months. I can’t wait to share my joy and photos as soon as I get settled in my new HOME…what an awesome word!


    • I went on Wed. and it had’t arrived, but yesterday and today I have not been able to get to the post office to check. I’m sure it is there waiting…and just in time! I will let you know as soon as I have it hon…thank you!

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  1. Dear Kim, I’m so excited, relieved and pleased for you. That’s brilliant, wonderful news – a safe home for you. Yay. Testament to God’s love and your courage and faith. He’s opening doors for you. God’s blessed you with a safe haven. I’m sure he’ll do the same for Cody. Keeping it all in prayer. Take care, enjoy, and rest and be well in this safe place. X


    • Thank you! I know God will show me the way for my dear Cody also…I am so looking forward to that time, so that I may go and enjoy my new home! I’m so blessed by God and all of you here on wordpress! Love and hugs, Kim


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