Why Wait For Inspiration? ….Just WRITE!

You would think that after having this blog for almost a year now… I would know better than to sit and wait for inspiration before putting fingers to keyboard. I have thought of writing many times these past weeks, and yet somehow I managed to discourage myself with the typical, “What should I write about” conundrum.

So, here I am on a Saturday afternoon, sitting in front of this keyboard, and still having no idea what to write. I had hoped that just by placing my fingers and sitting with my tea I would somehow come up with something. Hmmm…so far, it’s not working.

I am still enthralled with my new home, my new life…I have taken many steps toward learning how to be single again. The last years of my marriage had been so isolating that it has been like rediscovering life…friends, social occasions…I even went out and sang karaoke, something I haven’t done in a long time! I had forgotten how much I love that feeling of release I get when I get behind the microphone and let it loose!

I am still looking for work, and the lack of funds has been hard, but so much better than “before the big fall”. I still have moments of grieving over all I have lost, the tears come…but, I try not to go there. Everything is getting better every day, and I always look for those precious moments…moments of gratitude, moments of bliss. I always find them if I just look.

The photos are of my new place…the tables I got for a total of $20…I was given a bed by a local organization, and tomorrow I am getting a sofa that someone donated, so furniture is coming slowly but surely. I photographed the french doors and balcony, because so far they are my favorite things about this place…I threw in one of the bathroom, and of my bedroom closets. I will take a few more as soon as the rooms are not so empty..Who wants to see an empty apartment? LOL…Love and peace to all of you….Hugs.




14 comments on “Why Wait For Inspiration? ….Just WRITE!

    • I’ve missed you too…I really need to settle into writing and photography again…I think I might still be in recovery mode…it’s been a long journey. Hugs my dear!


      • So happy that things are looking better for you – I’m sure there is still a way to go but you are getting there and that is great. Hugs to you Kim.

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