I Got No Gifts for Christmas?? Silly Me…

I knew that Christmas was going to be a bit of challenge for me this year. It has been a roller coaster of emotions.

Last night as I sat here listening to Christmas music and watching the “fireplace” on the television, I suddenly felt sad that I would have no gifts to open when I woke in the morning. Then, I felt the Holy Spirit tap me on the shoulder and whisper to me, “No gifts? Look around loved one”…This previously lost, homeless girl looked around her and was overcome with gratitude. No gifts? Really? I looked around my beautiful new home…the bed and sofa, so lovingly donated, the pictures of family on the walls, the little Christmas tree in the corner. I got up and walked from room to room as the Spirit continued to point out all of the little things that most people would not even notice, and my heart was filled…I needed nothing more. I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos of all the wonderful gifts I had received this year…

I laugh now as I post these photos. “NO gifts” LOL! Silly me. I sat down and ate a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner…


The Holy Spirit tapped me again…”Remember being hungry”?

Hmm, yeah.

The emotions hit again this morning when I woke up alone. I saw all the posts on my Facebook page…Families gathering to open gifts, sharing meals together…and once again I cried. I missed my kids, my dogs…family. Then my new friend, Jessie was knocking on my door…prefect timing. I had a good cry and a wonderful hug. I spent the day with her and her wonderful husband. We ate, watched Charlie Brown, listened to beautiful Christmas music. We danced, laughed, hugged, took a walk, talked…Again, the Spirit tapped and whispered…”You have friends, you are loved”….Oh my goodness.

I am sitting at my little desk, listening to Christmas music and I KNOW how many, many gifts I have…I know my life is getting better every single day. Yes, there are moments of mourning, but oh how much of a miracle this all is…I AM HOME. I have wonderful new friends in my life, I am fed…I am loved and best of all…I am not homeless.


This is the Merriest Christmas I have had in years. Thank you Lord!


27 comments on “I Got No Gifts for Christmas?? Silly Me…

  1. I loved this post Kim! I love your new home. It is beautiful! Yes, you are blessed and have many gifts. I spent Christmas Eve with my niece and her husband and children. Also Christmas day. It helped. At least I wasn’t alone. I still remember what you ate last Christmas Eve (2013) Chile! Because it made me real hungry for chile and I started canning Chile after that. (BTW, I am STILL canning Chile)! Happy New Year! I wish you the best year ever! ((Hugs!!)) xo

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  2. Sometimes we have to be stripped of every “thing” we have in order to really appreciate what we truly have been given. I’m sorry you had a painful journey to here, but thank God that you grew in that journey. Praying for your 2015. May God continue to have control of your life.


  3. You do have a lovely home. Hubby and I got monetary gifts, no presents. That’s okay because we don’t seem to need anything except to pay for such things as doctor and dental appoints. We got what we needed. 🙂

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    • Thank you…my home is modest and I look forward to making it more “homey”, but I have all that I need and am so grateful for it all. I am glad to hear that you received what was most needed for you!


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