Don’t Know How to Title My Blog Post….

Okay, so, another night of no sleep.

This past week has been amazingly stressful. I almost lost my youngest daughter. I won’t get into details here because it is her life and private, but I can not get beyond the fear of almost losing her again, and the fact that I can do NOTHING to help her through this.

I have no appetite and that is good because I just spent the last of my food stamps and have 2 weeks before they come again. I have no cash of course.

The title of this post is because I couldn’t title another post, “Too hot to panhandle.” After being up all night I actually considered grabbing my sign and going out, but I am way too tired, and yes, it is too hot out there.

I don’t know….I go to the mail box every day just praying I will receive the letter stating I got approved for SSI, but all that I get are bills.

I honestly want to post here all the positives; I have a roof, AC, food, clean clothes, my dog Penny….Being grateful, (which I am), is supposed to lift one up, but it’s not really working today. I am going to wash my dishes, make my bed with clean sheets, and maybe just sleep the day away….again.

Sorry for being such a gloomy Gus… is what it is.



6 comments on “Don’t Know How to Title My Blog Post….

  1. Kim – I hear your voice and feel the despair​. I’m a full-time caregiver for my husband and some days are just plain impossibly hard. I do my best to remember I’m not alone with my daily challenges, I know I’m not. Neither do I have great words of wisdom for you. Words that have helped me through the years and I pray it many times a day to remind myself who’s truly in charge, “God’s Will Be Done.”

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    • Thank you….I have kept my faith in the forefront for two years now, and God has not failed me. But, I’m so tired. Being in “survival mode” for all this time with no income has me worn down. Hugs and strength to you.

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      • I know exactly what you mean. Survival mode is a tough way to go. There’s many of us in the same position. I didn’t have to worry until government required that we enroll in Medicare – which we don’t need and still have to pay for. We had 100% medical care coverage before Medicare entered our lives. If we could get rid of Medicaire, we would still have 100% coverage and Tom’s extra needed care such as extended home health hours would be covered by our insurance. There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense out of everything we are made to do. Hang in there.


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